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Left click on the link to listen to the wav or MP3; right click on the link to download the wav or MP3. You must have an ActiveX Viewer or Quick Time Player to listen to the MP3s.

To download Quick Time (there is a free version), just click on the image.


Double Dragon Technomix MP3 3.16MB
Tekken 3 Techno Remix MP3 6.08MB


Super StreetFighter 2 3.60MB
DBZ - Ok Kid, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee, sleepy head! 960KB
DBZ - Curses! 14.5KB
DBZ - Death Ball! 73.6KB
DBZ - I'm just getting warmed up fishface. Better stick around. 46.7KB
Frieza - You know your mindless dribble is starting to bore me. 49.2KB
Vegeta - Well, well, it looks like the home boys have arrived. 42.7KB
DBZ - Kamehameha 77.2KB
DBZ - I am the strongest soldier in the Universe. This can't be happening! 11.5KB