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Cast Members

Guest Stars

Aboulela, Amir Episodes 46, 49, 51 Evil Triad Member #1, is killed by Belthazor in #51.
Acovone, Jay Episode 84 Keats
Adams, Amy Episode 38 Maggie Murphy
Ahli, Nynno Episode 108 Kazi Demon
Aldrich, Sara Episode 114 Natalie
Allen, Andrew James Episode 93 Kevin
Allen, Krista Episodes 67 - 68, 73 Oracle for the Source
Ambuehl, Cindy Episode 75 Bev
Amendola, Tony Episode 81, 87 Dark Priest
Angell, Vincent Episode 74 Assistant DA Sykes
Antonio, Jim Episode 29 Collector #2/Dr. Stone
Arenberg, Lee Episode 110 Mordock
Arias, Yancy Episodes 67 - 68 Inspector Cortez
Ashbrook, Dana Episode 59 TJ/Biker boyfriend
Ashford, Matthew - 1/29/60 Roger/1 Prue's Boss and ex-boyfriend
Askew, Desmond Episode 117 Gith
Baird, Maggie Episode 103 Doctor
Baker, Leigh-Allyn Episodes 2, 6, 8 - 10 Hannah Webster/Demon/Rex Buckland's assistant. Episode 10 is where she is vanquished by the Source for failure after killing Rex.
Bakke, Brenda Episode 20 Soul Collector
Balding, Rebecca Episodes 7, 82, 86, 92, 94, 99, 101 - 102, 104, 108, 110 - 111, 114 - 1157/Aviva's Aunt Jackie 108/Elise Rothman - Editor of the Newspaper Phoebe works for.
Ball, Samuel Episode 84 Rowan
Bancroft, Cameron Episode 39 Cryto
Bartlett, Erinn Episode 101 Jessica, Glen's bride to be
Battaglia, Matt Episode 65 Cute Guy who hit Prue when she was a dog.
Bay, Frances Episode 80 Old Phoebe
Beacham, Stephanie Episode 33 Martha Van Lewen
Becker, Gerry Episode 93 Ramus, The Elder
Benedetti, Caprice Episode 79 Angel Guardian
Benson, Wendy Episode 22 Joanne Hertz
Bill, Tobin Episode 94 Oren
Birney, Frank Episode 18 Father Austin
Black, Alex Episode 78 Tyler/Firestarter
Blake, Geoffrey Episode 43 Strife/Horseman of the Apocalypse.
Blendell, Troy Episode 95 Stimple/Barbas' Demon Sidekick. See also Player Section for part in Sand Francisco Dreamin'.
Bliss, Boti Ann Episodes 47, 49 Abbey, bartender at P3.
Bodison, Wolfgang Episode 101 Witch Doctor
Bowen, Andrew Episode 53 Businessman, Terra's first victim.
Bowz, Eddie Episode 11 Palmer Kellogg, thief.
Bozeman, Terry Episode 9 Arnold Halliwell, an Attorney killed by Matthew Tate.
Brandenburg, Larry Episode 76 Mr. Martin/teacher
Brannagh, Brigid Episode 28 Tuatha/Evil witch
Breckenridge, Alex Episode 76 Michelle Miglis/ Paige's school pal
Bridges, Jordan Episodes 67 - 68 Shane - Paige's boyfriend
Brookhurst, Michelle Episode 8 Tanya Parker, the girl Gavin was trying to kill.
Brooks, Jason Episode 96 Bacarra
Brown, Dwier Episode 78 Foster Father/Bounty Hunter
Brown, W. Earl Episode 61 Shadow(cat)/ familiar who betrayed his witch and became a Warlock. If he can be killed 9 times by a witch before the new moon, he becomes immortal. If he fails, he becomes a cat for eternity.
Browne, Victor Episode 11 Clay, Phoebe's old boyfriend and thief.
Brunsmann, Keith Episode 37 Litvak's Assistant
Buchanan, Ian Episodes 63 - 64 Raynor/Leader of the Brotherhood and Cole's former mentor. Cole kills Raynor in episode 64.
Burke, Michael Reilly Episode 32 Cupid
Butler, Jerome Episode 108 Kazi King
Cahill, Eddie Episode 49 Sean
Campbell, Bruce Episode 88 Agent Jackman/Witch Hunter
Campbell, J. Kenneth Episode 33 Elias Lundy/Ghost
Carey, Clare Episode 48 Eve
Carlton, Rebekah Episode 7 Kali/Mirror Demon
Carradine, David Episode 22 Tempus, Keeper of Time. He has the ability to manipulate time for demonic purposes.
Carter, Jason Episode 51 Andras, Demon of Rage
Cascone, Nicholas Episode 87 Inspector Miles
Cattell, Todd Episode 6 Elliott Spencer/ Groom
Chapman, Mark Lindsay Episode 40 Finley Beck
Chinn, Jeanne Episode 70 An Ling
Chisum, David Episode 48 Micah in the past and Mitch in the future.
Cho, John - 6/16/72 Episode 4 Mark Chao/Ghost
Christian, Shawn Episodes 15, 18, 19 Josh
Christopher, Tyler Episode 36 Anton
Chun, Charles Episode 12 Lawrence Beck
Clarke, Melinda Episode 92 The Siren
Clendenin, Robert Episode 54 Ice Cream Man, a mortal who collects demon children for destruction, with an Ice Cream Truck and the devil's chord.
Cody, Richard Episode 14 David
Coleman, Kari Episode 71 Interviewer
Collins, Misha Episode 29 Eric Bragg
Colon, Mercedes Episode 66 Elana Dominguez - TV Reporter
Consiglio, Deeny Episode 6 Kirsten/Demon
Coolio Episode 81 Lazarus Demon
Corey, Jeff Episode 44 Council Member
Cothran, John Jr. Episode 110 Cecil (Elder)
Cross, Rebecca Episode 41 Charlene Hughes/Ghost
Crowley, Pat Episode 30 Mrs. Johnson
Cummins, Gregory Scott Episode 63 Vornac/2nd in command of the Brotherhood. He is vanquished by Phoebe.
Cunningham-Ever, Katherine Episode 107 Daisy
Cutler, Allen Episode 11, 13 Doug, clumsey waiter
Damon, Una Episode 57, 106 Dantalian/Dark Priestess. In #106, it is just a cameo from past footage.
Dane, Eric Episodes 104 - 105, 107, 109, 112 - 113, 115, 117 Jason Dean/ Phoebe's boss and boyfriend.
Daniel, Steven Episode 100 Lazarus Demon
Danner, Harry Episode 45 Judge William Harrison
Danner, Hillary Episode 33 Alexandra Van Lewen
Darga, Christopher Episode 99 Dax
Darr, Lisa Episode 76 Mrs. Matthews/ Paige's adopted Mother
David, Rachel Episode 47 Kate
Davidson, Jim Episode 42 Evan Stone
Dawn, Heather Episode 74 Emma
Denison, Tony - 9/20/49 Episode 3 Victor Halliwell/ Later episodes this part is played by another. Victor's actual last name is Bennett. Halliwell women always keep the Halliwell name when they marry.
Derricks, Cleavant Episode 41 Cleavant Wilson
Des Barres, Michael Episode 85 Dark Priest
Diamond, Keith Episode 52, 55, 60 Reece Davidson, District Attorney Investigator.
Dietz, Michael Episode 46 Christopher (Owl)
Dineen, James Episode 3 Shapeshifter/ Mailman
Downes, Robin Atkin Episode 40 Demon of Illusion
Drago, Billy Episodes 13, 31, 95 Barbas/Demon of Fear. In #95 he's back and stronger but is he really vanquished for good.
Ducote, Andrew Episode 34 Nathan
Duncan, Alastir Episode 73 Dr. Alaster/Chameleon Demon
Edner, Bobby Episode 54 Caleb, the new Ice Cream Man.
Englund, Robert Episode 71 Gamill/Demon
Escobar, Daniel R. Episode 108 Richard Jean
Faulcon, Kent Episodes 38, 40 Gil Corso/Prue's boss at 415.
Ferguson, Jay Michael Episode 28 Kyle Gideon/ The Chosen One to defeat Tuatha
Fields, Holly Episode 25 Ms. Jane Franklin/Warlock and Malcolm's lover.
Fiore, Kathryn Episode 117 Elizabeth
Fischler, Patrick Episode 77 Jury Foreman
Flanagan, Markus - 8/20/64 Episode 3 Marshall/Shapeshifter
Flanders, Chris Chef Moore/1 Hires Piper to work at Quake then moves to France to open his own restaurant. Although he appears in Episode 1, he is mentioned in other episodes.
Flanery, Sean Patrick Episode 91 Adam Prinze
Flippin, Lucy Lee Episode 39 Helen
Flynn, Siobhan Episode 75 Melody/Muse
Fuller, Drew Episode 110 - 111 Chris Perry, Whitelighter from the future. Check Star status for future episodes.
Fumura, Dominic Episode 105 Saleel
Gains, Courtney Episode 31 Marcy Steadwell
Gant, Richard Episode 101 High Councilman
Gardner, Ashley Episode 78 Foster Mother/Bounty Hunter
Gauthier, Dan Episode 89 Craig Wilson
George, Matt Episode 19 Grimlock #1
George, Melissa Episodes 112 - 113 Freja/Queen
Geraghty, Marita Episode 106 Katrina/Kit
Getty, Balthazar Episode 116 Richard Montana
Gibson, Henry Episode 102 Sandman
Gilbert, Chris Payne Episode 40 Billy
Gilbert-Hill, Richard Episode 8 Dr. Oliver Mitchell, one of Gavin's victims.
Gilden, Michael Episodes 105, 110 - 111 Finnegan/Leprechaun
Giovanetti, Lou Episode 77 Male Juror
Glave, Matthew Episodes 34, 42 Dr. Curtis Williamson
Goldstein, Samantha Episode 80 Young Phoebe
Gomez, Carlos Episodes 20 - 22 Inspector Rodriguez/ Internal Affairs. In #21 we find out he is also a demon. In #22, Prue vanquishes him.
Gomez, Jaime P. Episode 86 Greg Conroy
Gordon, Pamela Episode 39 Amanda
Gossett, Robert Episode 14 Mr. Gordon Franklin/ Max's Father
Gracen, Elizabeth Episode 84 Vampire Queen
Graham, Marcus Episode 44 Dragon/Warlock
Greene, James Episode 83 Vet in wheelchair
Greenquist, Brad Episode 8 Gavin/The Killer Warlock from the future with the third eye.
Greenspan, Melissa Episode 114 Flo
Greeson, Judy Episode 48 Ruth Cobb
Gress, Googy Episode 101, 118 Spencer Ricks
Greyeyes, Michael Episode 58 Beau Lightfeather/ Innocent from the past with the power of premonition which linked him to Phoebe.
Griffin, Tim Episode 35 The Rabbit
Grimes, Tinsley Episodes 91, 93 Phoebe's Assistant
Groener, Harry Episode 50 Father Thomas, who cursed Vince by giving him his gift of empathy.
Grossman, Leslie Episode 88 Phoebe's Assistant
Guillory, Ben Episodes 67 - 68, 73 The Source
Gurwitch, Annabelle Episode 117 Nina Halter
Hagen, Daniel Episode 116 Carl
Hagen, Molly Episode 82 Karen Young
Haiduk, Stacy Episode 11 Guardian of the Urn, Egyptian.
Hall, Rick Episode 114
Haney, Anne Episode 39 Aunt Gail Altman
Hanson, Jodie Episode 13 Zoey, the one who Barbas used fear of fire against.
Harnois, Elisabeth Episode 46 Brooke (Wolf)
Harris, Danielle Episode 7 Aviva, a lonely teen that is manipulated by the Mirror Demon, Kali.
Harty, Patricia - 11/5/41 Episode 4 Mrs. Correy
Healy, Christine Episode 116 Grandma Calloway
Healy, Pat Episode 107 Xavier
Heames, Darin Episode 102 Tracer Demon
Hearst, Rick Episode 49 Troxa, the invisible demon who is sensitive to cold.
Heger, Rene Episode 83 Greg
Hennigan, Sean Episode 20 Alcatraz Tour Guide
Hertzler, J. Garman Episode 44 Council Member
Herzog, Tim Episode 5 Hans
Hoe, Joe Episode 4 Yama
Holden, Larry Episode 26 Jeff Carlton
Hong, James Episode 70 Zen Master
Howard, Sherman Episode 76 Clyde/monitors the doorway to time travel.
Hubbert, Cork Episode 105 Bearded Leprechaun
Hubley, Whip Episode 59 Inspector Krutchen
Hughes, Finola Episodes 17, 30, 59, 61, 67 - 68, 90, 106 Patty Halliwell, mother of the Charmed Ones. In #106, it is just a cameo from past footage.
Hutchinson, Jeffrey Episode 6 Father Trask
Jackson, Andrew Episode 17 Nicholas, Warlock
Jaeck, Scott Episode 30, 97 Sam Wilder - even though he died in #30, the Elders gave him another chance to be a Whitelighter.
James, Hawthorne Episode 92 Healer Demon
Jayne, Billy Episode 12 Billy Waters
Johnston, Katie Episode 35 Brooke
Jones, David Haydn Episode 26 Chris Barker
Joosten, Kathryn Episode 117 Wife
Kates, Kimberley Episode 13 Tanjella, the one who Barbas uses the fear of earthquake against.
Kazann, Zetto Episode 44 Council Member
Kelleher, Tim Episode 102 Demon
Kellner, Deborah Episodes 83 - 85 Julie, Cole's personal Assistant. Phoebe vanquishes her in #85.
Kelly, Lisa Robin Episode 21 Daisy/Future Whitelighter
Kempe, Will Episode 110 - 111 Demetrius
Kersey, Paul Episode 25 Malcolm/Warlock trapped in the painting.
Kilpatrick, Patrick Episode 43 Death/Horseman of the Apocalypse.
Kim, Daniel Dae Episode 70 Yen Lo
King, Cleo Episode 77 Tanya
King, Cynthia Episode 2 Brittney Reynolds
King, Erik Episode 99 Health Inspector
Kiriazis, Nick Episode 110 - 111 Hot Guy
Klace, Scott Episode 114
Kober, Jeff Episode 20 Jackson Ward/Serial Killer/Ghost
Koehler, Fred Episode 89 Necron's Lackey
Kokotakis, Nick Episode 18 Greg Rowe/Demon brother to Paul and Brendan, oldest brother of the Rowe Coven.
Kopell, Bernie Episode 16 Coroner
Krause, Brian - 2/1/69 Leo Wyatt/3, 7 - 10, 14, 21, 24, 26, 28, 30, 34 - 35 Brian first appeared in Episode 3 as a Guest Star. Episode 10 is where he shows to the audience that he is more than a handyman. Episode 14 is where Phoebe finds out he is a whitelighter. Episode 21 is where Prue and Piper find out he is a whitelighter. In #34 Leo has his powers temporarily removed by the Elders as punishment for saving Piper's life against their wishes.
Kriegel, David Episode 18 Paul Rowe/Demon brother to Greg and Brendan, middle brother of the Rowe Coven.
Kurup, Shishir Episode 84 Doctor
Kuter, Kay E. Episode 91 Fairy Tales Keeper
Ladd, Cheryl Episode 103 Doris
Lange, Niklaus Episode 11 Wesley, thief
Laughlin, Amy Episode 92 Melissa
Lauter, Ed Episode 58 Sutter
Layton, Tyler Episode 9 Melinda Warren, the Halliwell's ancestor who started the line of magic. She was burned at the stake in Salem but was survived by her daughter Prudence.
Lee, Lela Episode 35 Tessa
Lefevre, Rachelle Episode 116 Ghost Olivia Calloway
Lenz, Joie Episode 72 Lady Julia
Little, Angela Episode 99 Kaiya
Lo, Ming Episode 11 Police Officer
Lopez, Ricki Episode 100 Homeless Guy @ P3
Lovett, Marjorie Episode 116 Rosaline Montana
Lowery, Carolyne Episode 11 Shelly, Doug's girlfriend.
Luetgert, Bailey (Chase) - 5/1/72 Episode 2 Alec
Lustig, Aaron Episode 87 Dr. Harris
Luttrell, Rachel Episode 64 Janna, keeper of the second half of the amulet that Raynor wants. Raynor forces Belthazor to kill her.
Lynch, Richard Episode 103 Cronyn
Mac Donald, Scott Episode 52 Krell, a Zotar, Demonic Bounty Hunter after Belthazor.
Mackenzie, Andy Episode 104 Parasite Demon
Mako Episode 116 Sorcerer
Malloy, Matt Episode 66 Dr. Griffiths
Mandylor, Costas Episode 83 Rick Lang
Mandylor, Louis Episode 83 Nathan Lang
Manoux, J. P. Episode 103 Stanley
Mantell, Michael Episode 15 Gasman, Woogie's first victim.
Manuel, Michael Episode 114
Marino, Ken Episodes 95, 96 Miles
Mark, Heidi Episode 27 Darla the Succubus - a witch who made a pact with the devil to never get hurt by love again.
Marriott, Evan Episode 113 Oscar
Marsden, Heather Marie Episode 71 Claudia
Matheny, Eric Episode 3 Fritz/Shapeshifter
Matthews, Dakin Episode 88 Angel Of Destiny
Mazur, Kathe Episode 77 Prosecuter
McArthur, Alex Episode 16 Gabriel Statler/ Warlord.
McCarthy, Jenny Episode 115 Mitzy
McCleister, Tom Episode 90 The Captain
McGee, Jack Episode 104 Hawker Demon
McGonagle, Richard Episode 15, 23 Woogie - he has a brief reappearance in Episode 23.
McGregor, Richard Episode 71 Finn
McGuire, William Francis Episode 4 Nick Correy
McLafferty, Michael Episode 27 Detective Smith
McNair, Kelly Episode 35 Andrea
Medlin, Lex Episode 27 Prue's boyfriend in this episode.
Meek, Jeffrey Episodes 86 - 87 Dane, son of Goath
Mendoza, Alex - 10/27 Episode 5 Jack Manford
Milicevic, Ivana Episodes 112 - 113 Mist
Miller, J. Robin - 6/21/72 Episode 5 Skye Russell, waitress at Quake that is killed by the Dream Sorcerer.
Miller, Jeanette Episode 36 Adult Christina Larson
Mitchell, Shareen Episode 94 Lydia
Mitz, Michael Episode 9 Cafe Patron
Monroe, Steve Episode 35 The Pig
Moonves, Nancy Episode 15 Professor Beth
Morgan, Debbi Episode 79 - 82, 85 - 87, 100 The Seer - her first appearance as the Seer. In #87 she transfers Cole and Phoebe's baby to herself, but the power is more than she can handle and is vanquished by the baby. In #100 she is once again the Seer when Cole changes time.
Mosenson, Scott Episode 69 Donnie
Muhney, Michael Episode 116 Seth
Munn, Allison Episode 102 Becca?
Munro, Lochlyn Episode 28 - 34 Jack Sheridan - in #29 he also plays his twin brother Jeff. #34 appears to be his last episode.
Netter, David Episode 14 Max Franklin, good witch with psychokenetic powers.
Newton, Todd - 5/5/70 Episode 4 Tony Wong, bad guy who killed Mark.
Nogulich, Natalija Episode 91 Evil Witch
Norris, Dean Episode 29 Ben Bragg
Norris, Kimberly Episode 58 Isabel Lightfeather
O'Brien, Mariah - 1971 Episode 3 Cynda/Shapeshifter
O'Brien, Tom Episode 57 Zile/Shapeshifter
O'Dell, Nancy Episode 90 Self
O'Hurley, Shannon Episode 77 Angela Provazolli
Oruche, Phina Episode 105 Jayda
Overton, Rick Episodes 46, 49, 51 Evil Triad Member #2, killed by Belthazor in #51
Pancake, Sam Episode 109 Necromancer's Sidekick/Demon
Passoja, Erik Episode 46 Demon Guy - Boss
Paul, Adrian Episode 98 Jeric
Pavone, Mike Episode 87 Doctor in Phoebe's dream.
Peck, Austin Episode 102 Ryder
Peck, Evie Episode 83 Maria
Perkins, Melody Episode 115 Margo
Perlman, Ron Episode 56 Mr. Kellman/Demon
Peterson, Sara Rose Episode 6 Jade D'Mon/ Hecate
Philip, Michael Episode 2 Stefan and Javna, Demon who stole women's youth.
Phillips, Wendy Episode 68 Sister Agnes
Pilavin, Barbara - 9/27/23 - Death: 1/2/05 Episode 2 Older Brittney Reynolds
Plank, Scott Episode 19 Eric Lohman
Podell, Eyal Episode 110 - 111 Roland (Elder)
Porch, Colleen Episodes 112 - 1113 Kara
Porter, Steven M. Episode 99 Cecil Bressler
Povinelli, Mark Episode 105 Shamus Fitzpatrick
Pratt, Susan May Episode 107 Miranda
Pressly, Jaime Episode 89 Mylie
Pressman, David Episode 93 Edward Miller
Prosky, John Episode 75 Congressman
Prosper, Sandra Episodes 100, 110 - 113 Sheila Morris/ Darryl's wife
Railsback, Steve Episode 37 Litvak
Ranston, Camilla Episode 79 Carolyn
Raver, Lorna Episode 94 Joanne Hertz
Ravera, Gina Episode 117 Mary
Read, James Episodes 54, 58, 59, 67, 81, 95, 103, 106 Victor Bennett (Halliwell). #54 is the first episode with the new Victor. In #106, it is just a cameo from past footage.
Reedus, Norman Episodes 108, 109 Nate Harper/ Paige's Boyfriend
Reitman, Joseph Episodes 63 - 64 Tarkin/Demon and part of the brotherhood. In episode 64 Piper vanquishes him with her new power.
Reivers, David Episodes 89, 90 Bob Cowan, Paige's boss. See also under Part Players.
Rhodes, Jennifer Episodes 15, 17, 23, 46, 59, 61, 67, 91, 95, 106, 109 Penny 'Grams' Halliwell - Episode 61 shows how she died. Episode 23 is where she first shows herself to the girls. In #106, it is just a cameo from past footage.
Richardson, Kristen Episode 100 Darla
Ricketts, Jeff Episode 43 Famine/Horseman of the Apocalypse.
Rio, F. J. Episode 97 Ronan, the Darklighter
Roberts, Neil Episodes 2, 5, 6, 8 - 10 Rex Buckland/ Demon and owner of Buckland's. Episode 10 is where he is accidentally killed by Hannah and his body vanquished by the Source for his final failure.
Robinson, Shaun Episode 114 Kinesha Robinson
Rodrick, Michael Episode 62 Officer Dean
Rodrigo, Al Episode 10 Heimi, the Security Guard for Bucklands.
Roe, Channon Episode 94 Cree/son of Oren
Rohner, Clayton Episode 32 Drasi/Demon of Hate
Romano, Clarissa Episode 102 Wendy?
Root, Bonnie Episode 74 Susan Coleman
Rosales, Reynaldo Episode 71 Finn
Rose, Cristine Episodes 11 - 12, 15, 16, 20 Claire Pryce, Buckland's new boss.
Rowland, Paige Episode 53 Terra, the Alchemist's life essence.
Rubinstein, John Episode 106 Dr. Berenson
Russo, Deanna Episode 100 Eva
S'Barge, Raphael Episode 19 Brent Miller
Saad, Eddy Episode 29 Collector #1
Sabato, Antonio Jr. Episodes 31, 37 Bane Jessup
Sadler, Nicholas Episode 104 Leech
Salinger, Diane Episode 89 Sea Hag
Sanchez, Marco Episode 56 Tom Peters/ potential Demon, formerly dated by Prue Halliwell.
Sarandon, Chris Episode 109 Armand/Necromancer/ Warlock - Gram's lover at one time.
Saum, Sherrie Episode 61 Ariel
Schnarre, Monika Episode 105 Janna
Schugel, Mario Episode 82 Power Broker Demon
Schulze, Matt - 7/3/72 Episode 5 Whitaker Berman/ Dream Sorcerer, not a demon but a very bad guy.
Scott, Judson Episodes 89, 90 Necron
Seagrave, Jocelyn Episode 12 Agent Ashley Fallon/The Wendigo
Shanian, Charlie Episode 91 Apprentice
Shea, Christopher Episode 60 Seeker #1
Shelton, Marc Episode 1 Father Williams, although Piper calls him a Pastor.
Sheppard, Mark A. Episode 93 Arnon
Sheppard, W. Morgan Episode 103 Merrill
Sherry, Todd Episode 101 Witch Doctor
Shimerman, Armin Episode 85 Wizard
Siragusa, Peter Episode 77 Stan Provazolli
Skipper, Pat Episode 24 Nathaniel Pratt
Sky, Jennifer Episode 115 Mabel
Smith, Christie Lynn Episode 6 Allison Michaels
Snedden, Stephen Episodes 112 - 113 Hangin' Chad Carson
Stabile, Nick Episode 27 Dr. Owen Grant - potential victim and Phoebe's beau for the evening.
Starke, Anthony Episode 75 Devlin
Stewart, French Episode 44 Genie
Stewart, Peg Episode 41 Lillian/Leo's wife
Stewart, Will Episode 14 Harry
Stock, Barbara - 5/26/56 Episode 6 Grace Spencer/ Eliott's Mother.
Stratton, Sadie Episode 48 Charlotte Warren, who is a witch but does not have the 'powers'.
Struycken, Carel Episode 87 Giant Demon. He also played Lurch on the Addams Family.
Stuart, Jason Episode 8 Martin
Sturges, Shannon Episode 16 Helena Statler/ Warlord's sister.
Sung, Elizabeth - 10/14/54 Episode 4 Mrs. Chao/Mark's Mother
Sutorius, James Episode 116 James Calloway
Swetlow, Joel Episodes 97, 100 Avatar #2
Tata, Joe E. Episode 65 Inspector
Tatum, Bradford Episode 14 Mickey Jackson
Taub, Shaun Episodes 46, 49, 51 Evil Triad Member #3, is killed by Belthazor in #51
Templeman, Simon Episode 60 Angel Of Death
Terra, Scott Episode 19 David - abducted by the Grimlocks
Thaddeus, John Episode 77 Stan's Lawyer
Thomas, J. Karen Episode 12 Harriet Lane
Thompson, Brian Episodes 43, 110 - 111 In #43 he played War/Horseman of the Apocalypse. In #110 - 111 he played Cronus.
Thornhill, Lisa Episode 110 Meta
Todd, Tony Episode 97 Avatar #1
Trucco, Michael Episode 21 Alec/Darklighter in love with Daisy.
Tubert, Marcelo Episode 29 Museum Tour Guide
Valdes, Armando Episode 99 Garcia The Cop
Valentine, Steve Episode 55 Eames/Warlock
Van Gorkum, Harry Episode 80 Kurzon
Vaugier, Emmanuelle Episode 94 Ava Nikolai
Vosloo, Arnold Episode 38 Darklighter
Wahlstrom, Becky Episodes 69, 82 Lila
Walch, Hynden Episode 31 Ms. Hellfire
Walker, Charles Episode 89 Judge
Wasilewski, Audrey Episode 55 Natalie/Whitelighter
Weatherly, Michael Episode 18 Brendan Rowe/ youngest brother of the Rowe Coven. Brendan was only a step brother, half human. To escape the evil he had to become a priest.
Weber, Charlie Episode 72 Prince
Weeks, Danielle Episode 48 Sally
Weigel, Rafer Episode 35 Ethan
Weisser, Morgan Episode 50 Vince, a very powerful Demon that had been cursed by Father Thomas.
Weissman, Kevin Episode 62 Lukas, the Demon who controlled a box of the seven deadly sins.
Wiehl, Christopher Episode 35 The Snake
Wilder, Steve Episode 13 Lucas Devane
Wilkinson, M. Scott Episode 76 Mr. Matthew/Paige's adopted Father
Willett, Chad Episodes 53, 57 Justin Harper, old schoolmate who adored Prue.
Williams, Wade Andrew Episode 60 Seeker #2
Wilson, Rachel Episode 73 Becca
Wilson, Rainn Episode 53 Kierkan, the Alchemist
Winter, Eric Episode 97 Travis
Wirth, Billy Episode 9 Matthew Tate, an evil Warlock sealed in a locket by Melinda Warren.
Wise, Ray Episode 78 Ludlow
Wittenberg, Paul Episode 54 Lead Demon Child.
Woller, Kirk B. R. Episode 114 Cleaner #1
Wood, Drew Episode 105 Erik (Gray-haired Leprechaun
Woodburn, Danny Episodes 91, 110 Head Dwarf
Woodrow, Jesse Episodes 72, 77, 101 Glen Belland
Woods, Eric Scott - 1/8/67 Jeremy Burns/1, 23 Demon who kills Witches for their powers. In episode 23, he has a brief reappearance.
Woodward, Peter Episode 79 Source
Woolvett, Jaimz Episode 107 Tull
Wynne, Jacobi Episode 70 Mason Cowan
Young, Craig Episode 93 Dave
Zabriskie, Grace Episodes 104, 108 In #104 she vanquishes the Demon after the baby. Crone, evil being who wanted Piper and Leo's baby.

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