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Left click on the link to listen to the wav or MP3; right click on the link to download the wav or MP3. You must have an ActiveX Viewer or Quick Time Player to listen to the MP3s.

To download Quick Time (there is a free version), just click on the image.

Charmed Wav's

Charmed Theme 1.01MB
First Incantation 308KB
Astral Projection 319KB
Charmed Theme 548KB
Courtroom Discussion 591KB
Eclipse 402KB
Forget Something 576KB
Freezing 232KB
Vanquishing the Guardian 409KB
Honey I'm Home 540KB
Orbing 105KB
Pick Up Line 256KB
Premonition 457KB
Telekinesis 172KB
They are Watching 830KB

Charmed MP3's

Fever by Rose McGowan 2.68MB
Charmed Theme Song 4.07MB
Charmed Remix 6.13MB