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House Of Compass

Click on your card to read your fortune.

ACE OF HEARTS -- (THE ABODE) Ace of Hearts in the House of Compass indicates someone is thinking of you and wishes they were with you. Or the vibration of a new home for you.

KING OF HEARTS -- (ENJOYMENT) You will enjoy a radio or TV program. Or you will purchase new tapes; cd's or records.

QUEEN OF HEARTS -- (FRIENDS) Loving thoughts are sent to you by friends or relatives. Someone is thinking of you.

JACK OF HEARTS -- (POPULARITY) If in theatrical work; you will be on the air. If in any other profession you will advertise through a medium that reaches space and distance.

TEN OF HEARTS -- (MARRIAGE OR UNION) If in the business and merchandising world; you will sell goods garnered from a great distance. Or you will unite with others in a chain store. Or you will unite your services with others.

NINE OF HEARTS -- (YOUR WISH) Nine of Hearts indicataes your wish is vibrating to you in the offing. Concentrate on what you want; then relax.

EIGHT OF HEARTS -- (MOON-LOVE) Someone that is away is sending loving thoughts to you. If you are single; an admirer or sweetheart is thinking of you. A possible proposal of marriage.

SEVEN OF HEARTS -- (HAPPINESS) Seven of Hearts indicates you should be happy. If downhearted; cheer up and pick up on this vibration as there are better days to come.

ACE OF DIAMONDS -- (NEW UNDERTAKING) There is a vibration of a new venture around you. Relax and envision what you would like to do; then follow the idea that comes to you. Or someone is possibly thinking of selecting you to help them. This could be a better position.

KING OF DIAMONDS -- (LEGAL PAPERS) There is a vibration from the spirit world to guide you in health and healing. This card indicates help from a doctor who has left this plane.

QUEEN OF DIAMONDS -- (SEASONS) As this card involves time; the indication is pray and your wants will be granted. However it takes some time for the things you want to materialize.

JACK OF DIAMONDS -- (LETTERS) Jack of Diamonds indicates you should use care in sending out thoughts in haste; especially thoughts of retarding or doubt which are against what you desire. Always relax and say 'If it is the right thing for me I shall have it.' Never feel you cannot do this or that because the vibration of can't will surround you. Always feel you will try.

TEN OF DIAMONDS -- (MONEY) Ten of Diamonds indicates a prosperous vibration surrounds you. Plan this week to increase your income. The possibility of receiving money this week is strong.

NINE OF DIAMONDS -- (SURPRISES) Someone is thinking of you and will pay you a visit or call on you.

EIGHT OF DIAMONDS -- (INHERITANCE) There is a vibration of an inheritance around you; vibrations of something to be given to you; a need filled. There is an indication you could receive a small amount of money. Someone could be thinking of adding you to their will.

SEVEN OF DIAMONDS -- (SUCCESS) A successful prosperous vibration surrounds you. You can use this to put forth the things you want to accomplish. Make your plans and carry them through.

ACE OF CLUBS -- (GIFTS) Someone is thinking of giving you a present. They are planning and wondering what you would like. Hold a thought for something you want and they will pick up your thought.

KING OF CLUBS -- (VOCATION) There is a vibration of a better condition in your life from the source of your livelihood. Get in tune with this and prosper. Pray; ask and be thankful.

QUEEN OF CLUBS -- (INQUIRER) Send out a thought strongly in regard to your wish. If it is the best for you it will come true. If there is something better in store; it will be worked out for your benefit.

JACK OF CLUBS -- (RELATIVES) One of your relatives or dear friends will talk to you about radio work. Also indicates a special message will come to you. News over the air. This indicates word of some kind through the air or some kind of work that moves fast like dispatching news; etc.

TEN OF CLUBS -- (JOURNEY) If you travel you will have much of it to do; many strange rooms are in store. If you are contemplating a trip you will fly. Or you will change homes many times before you are settled. The vibration of change or travel is around you. Or you daydream about travel.

NINE OF CLUBS -- (LUCK) The vibration around you is lucky. At times you may hear someone express you are a lucky person. Now if luck has not been on your side; repeat to yourself 'I am a lucky person.' This vibration will start working for you.

EIGHT OF CLUBS -- (ACHIEVEMENT) This is a vibration of business at work for you. There is much work for you to do. Encourage it by never putting off that which should be done today.

SEVEN OF CLUBS -- (MESSAGES) Someone is thinking of phoning you or writing you or wishes you would call them. Relax and see if that person wants to contact you; see if their name will come to you.

ACE OF SPADES -- (DEATH) Someone who has passed on is trying to contact you. Relax and silently call to name each person you love that is on another plane. You will greet them and they will be very happy.

KING OF SPADES -- (CALLERS) Many relatives and friends from the spirit world call on you. Receive them.

QUEEN OF SPADES -- (GRATITUDE) The vibration of a grateful person is around you. For past favors you will be well paid at a later date.

JACK OF SPADES -- (COMPASS-THOUGHTS) Jack of Spades indicates you will have either a family member or a very close friend who would be a famous flyer or employed in the media; maybe some work like astrology; work that reaches space and distance.

TEN OF SPADES -- (SUN) Tune into the vibrations of sunshine and smiles that are around you; it is good for you. There is always sunshine after the rain.

NINE OF SPADES -- (DISAPPOINTMENT) There is a vibration of delay around your wish. Don't be disappointed as there is something better in store for you.

EIGHT OF SPADES -- (TROUBLE) The vibration of petty annoyances disturb you. Don't let the trifling things of everyday life upset you. Smile and forget it; it pays.

SEVEN OF SPADES -- (HEALTH) A health vibration is working for you. Think health and you will be well. Be active; walk and let plenty of fresh air into your home.