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House Of Inquirer

Click on your card to read your fortune.

ACE OF HEARTS -- (THE ABODE) Ace of Hearts in the House of Inquirer indicates that you have a good home or will build a home to your liking. Or a home condition has a great influence in your life.

KING OF HEARTS -- (ENJOYMENT) There should be or will be some kindly person in your life who has your welfare at heart. This is a very good card to fall personally to you.

QUEEN OF HEARTS -- (FRIENDS) A friend will be of great influence in your life and will stand ready to help you.

JACK OF HEARTS -- (POPULARITY) Popularity will have something to do with your future. Or you will receive plenty of publicity. You have fine prospects before you.

TEN OF HEARTS -- (MARRIAGE OR UNION) If you are single; you will be married soon. If married but separated from your mate; a happy reunion. Or a reunion with someone from a distance. Or a happy marriage.

NINE OF HEARTS -- (YOUR WISH) Your wish is very personal and you should get it very soon. You may have to overcome some obstacles first.

EIGHT OF HEARTS -- (MOON-LOVE) Your future life should be full of love; even if your past has been full of sorrow.

SEVEN OF HEARTS -- (HAPPINESS) Your future should be full of happiness; either through achieving something or through a talent of your own. Happiness is in store for you.

ACE OF DIAMONDS -- (NEW UNDERTAKING) You will go into a new undertaking or one will be offered you. Change of conditions here in the immediate future; change for the best.

KING OF DIAMONDS -- (LEGAL PAPERS) You will have papers to sign; or be faced with a court action; or a professional man will play an important part in your life. If young and wondering what you should study; indicates professional work of some kind should be to your benefit. Select one you would like best.

QUEEN OF DIAMONDS -- (SEASONS) Time affects your personal affairs; you are waiting for something to happen or develop. Also old folks have something to do with your personal life. Things will change for you before the next season has passed. A big change for you.

JACK OF DIAMONDS -- (LETTERS) A letter or news of some kind is coming to you; perhaps something connected with your work. Answer your mail promptly.

TEN OF DIAMONDS -- (MONEY) You should receive a large sum of money soon. Money and investments are indicated.

NINE OF DIAMONDS -- (SURPRISES) You will have one of the biggest surprises of your life very soon.

EIGHT OF DIAMONDS -- (INHERITANCE) An inheritance is coming to you soon; a gift; no one needs to die for you to receive this. Or a small sum of money.

SEVEN OF DIAMONDS -- (SUCCESS) Your future holds success in a financial way. Remember not success in all things; but success in money matters.

ACE OF CLUBS -- (GIFTS) Recently you have received or you will soon receive a beautiful gift.

KING OF CLUBS -- (VOCATION) If in business; you will have much work. If working; a good position is yours; you will prosper.

QUEEN OF CLUBS -- (INQUIRER) You will never want. Through loving friends or relatives you will be well protected. Also indicates you are capable of supporting yourself. Good life in old age is indicated.

JACK OF CLUBS -- (RELATIVES) Some relatives come to live with you. Of if you have children; they love to be with you and will never desert you.

TEN OF CLUBS -- (JOURNEY) You are facing a journey or change of conditions; a change for the better.

NINE OF CLUBS -- (LUCK) Good luck is in store for you in all personal dealings.

EIGHT OF CLUBS -- (ACHIEVEMENT) If you are working; you can expect good business. Or something betters your source of livelihood. Better financial conditions are indicated. If a dressmaker or designer; you will have fine clientele.

SEVEN OF CLUBS -- (MESSAGES) If your wish pertains to a personal letter or message; you will surely receive it. An important message of some kind is indicated.

ACE OF SPADES -- (DEATH) You have lost someone you love dearly. Or worry over a home condition. Concentrate and clear up this condition.

KING OF SPADES -- (CALLERS) Someone will call who truly is a bore or someone you don't care to see. This indicates a call you would like to avoid; but the caller will arrive.

QUEEN OF SPADES -- (GRATITUDE) Some person pretends to be your friend; a woman. Watch for this person.

JACK OF SPADES -- (COMPASS-THOUGHTS) Someone will try to gain your confidence through flattery. Look out for a new acquaintance for their intentions are not right. Or goodwill talk on the air.

TEN OF SPADES -- (SUN) You will make a change of some real estate. A sale of something is indicated. The sun will shine here for you. If you sell real estate; a big deal soon.

NINE OF SPADES -- (DISAPPOINTMENT) You are due for a disappointment; big loss or you have just had one. Sometimes a big loss means a bigger gain. Fate shapes things in a funny way. A delay is indicated.

EIGHT OF SPADES -- (TROUBLE) You have some trouble or will have some. Or you worry over troubles. Concentrate and don't worry. Grasp troubles firmly like nettles so that they cannot sting you.

SEVEN OF SPADES -- (HEALTH) You can overcome an illness through right thinking if you are ill. Think healthy thoughts; we were never intended to be sick. You will be blessed with good health.