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House Of Journey

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ACE OF HEARTS -- (THE ABODE) Ace of Hearts in the House of Journey indicates a change of home; or the change of furniture or something pertaining to where you live. Or someone moves from your home.

KING OF HEARTS -- (ENJOYMENT) A kindly person will come from a trip to visit you. You will enjoy their company and have many nice times together.

QUEEN OF HEARTS -- (FRIENDS) Some friends will call to visit you after a trip. Look for guests.

JACK OF HEARTS -- (POPULARITY) By being popular and well liked you will be invited on a pleasure trip. If a pilot; train engineer or bus driver you will be steadily employed.

TEN OF HEARTS -- (MARRIAGE OR UNION) Some newlyweds will call on you. Or some friends or relatives from a distance will hold a reunion and you will enjoy yourself. If single; when married a honeymoon trip.

NINE OF HEARTS -- (YOUR WISH) A change of some kind has something to do with your wish. Quite possibly a trip or a big change comes into your life like a move.

EIGHT OF HEARTS -- (MOON-LOVE) You will love a trip you are going to make. If single; you may meet someone you will love. A change for the better.

SEVEN OF HEARTS -- (HAPPINESS) A change of something to your benefit that will make you happy. This change eliminates a lot of jealousy. A shopping trip soon.

ACE OF DIAMONDS -- (NEW UNDERTAKING) You may change the work you are doing. Or you are going into a new venture of some kind that should be successful. Or you will change location or job or business.

KING OF DIAMONDS -- (LEGAL PAPERS) You may have to take a trip due to some legal procedure. Or some papers will be sent to you from a distance. Or some sort of papers from a distance will bring you news or knowledge you want. It will be something you will read or sign.

QUEEN OF DIAMONDS -- (SEASONS) Before this month has passed you will take a trip or make a change of some kind. This should better your financial conditions.

JACK OF DIAMONDS -- (LETTERS) An important paper or hasty news about a change is coming soon from a long distance.

TEN OF DIAMONDS -- (MONEY) You will receive money from a journey. Or by taking a journey you get some. Money is connected with a change or trip here. If you travel you will have good business.

NINE OF DIAMONDS -- (SURPRISES) You will be surprised about a trip of some kind. Either someone calls from a distance or you will be invited on a trip. Or you will be surprised about a change of plans.

EIGHT OF DIAMONDS -- (INHERITANCE) Money will come to you from a distance. Or in order to claim an inheritance you have to make a trip. If in business; money is sent from many places.

SEVEN OF DIAMONDS -- (SUCCESS) Through a change of conditions or a trip you will bring about success. Or if you are contemplating a trip; it will be successful and free from danger.

ACE OF CLUBS -- (GIFTS) A present of some kind is connected with a trip; it could be a new car or the money to take a trip. Or a proposition made to change your position or business location.

KING OF CLUBS -- (VOCATION) If a travelling person you can expect plenty of work. Or your next vocation will involve travel in some way. Or any line connected with transportation. You should find this a successful vocation. Or a business trip.

QUEEN OF CLUBS -- (INQUIRER) You are facing a journey; move or a change of some kind.

JACK OF CLUBS -- (RELATIVES) You will receive a message or word from a relative. Or a letter from someone who is travelling. Or relatives or friends will come to see you.

TEN OF CLUBS -- (JOURNEY) In your lifetime a big change is coming. You may move far away from where you were born or you may take a long sea voyage. A long trip by car; train or plane.

NINE OF CLUBS -- (LUCK) If you are contemplating a change or trip; this will be to your advantage as it will bring you good luck.

EIGHT OF CLUBS -- (ACHIEVEMENT) Through some achievement; your own or someone else's; the conditions in your life will change. This change comes through the source of your support. If in business; you will have good business.

SEVEN OF CLUBS -- (MESSAGES) A message comes causing you to make a trip or asking you on a trip. Or telling you someone is coming on a trip. Could be a long-distance telephone call.

ACE OF SPADES -- (DEATH) You will take a trip because of a death. Or you hear of a death some distance from you. Or a hurried trip on account of a death. Or you will go to a funeral.

KING OF SPADES -- (CALLERS) Someone calls to tell you about a death. Or police call bringing bad news about an accident to someone you know. Or you get a speeding ticket while driving or univited guests arrive.

QUEEN OF SPADES -- (GRATITUDE) Someone will be ungrateful for a trip you have taken or will take them on. Or you will go with friends on a trip and return disgusted. Or you will be grateful for a change of conditions that takes place.

JACK OF SPADES -- (COMPASS-THOUGHTS) You may meet a very deceitful person on a trip. Beware of the people you meet. If a professional person you will travel by plane to theaters for appearances.

TEN OF SPADES -- (SUN) Through a trip you will investigate something you want to know. Also indicates a short trip somewhere in the late afternoon or evening. Or the sun will shine for you in making a change.

NINE OF SPADES -- (DISAPPOINTMENT) You will be disappointed in a trip or in not taking a trip you planned. Or a big loss through a trip or change of some kind is imminent. Or a delay in plans to move or sell.

EIGHT OF SPADES -- (TROUBLE) There is trouble regarding a journey. Don't take a trip this week if you are planning one. Consult the cards next week and see how they run then.

SEVEN OF SPADES -- (HEALTH) You will take a trip to visit a sick friend. Or you will take a trip for your health. Or a new baby in the family. Or you worry over a change. Never worry.