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House Of Marriage

Click on your card to read your fortune.

ACE OF HEARTS -- (THE ABODE) Ace of Hearts in the House of Marriage indicates that if single, you may soon get married and have a new home. If married, either a move, a new home, or someone comes to live with you.

KING OF HEARTS -- (ENJOYMENT) If married, your life should be happy; if single, a nice person will ask you to get married.

QUEEN OF HEARTS -- (FRIENDS) A fried of yours will soon be married, someone very close to you like an aunt.

JACK OF HEARTS -- (POPULARITY) A very popular person you know will be married soon and you will attend the wedding.

TEN OF HEARTS -- (MARRIAGE OR UNION) If you are single, you sure as fate will get married soon; of if you have children old enough to marry, one will get married; or a marriage takes place for someone close to you; or a reunion of old friends or relatives.

NINE OF HEARTS -- (YOUR WISH) If you wished about getting married or for the return of someone, you will get your wish.

EIGHT OF HEARTS -- (MOON-LOVE) If single, love and marriage will soon come into your life; if married, your mate loves you.

SEVEN OF HEARTS -- (HAPPINESS) You will attend a wedding and you will enjoy the good time.

ACE OF DIAMONDS -- (NEW UNDERTAKING) Through being successful in a new undertaking, you will marry; a marriage will come as a new undertaking; or you will unite with others in a new venture.

KING OF DIAMONDS -- (LEGAL PAPERS) You will sign a wedding certificate, your own or another's. If married, you may have to sign a paper regarding your mate's affairs, where an attorney is present.

QUEEN OF DIAMONDS -- (SEASONS) If you are not married before the season is past, you will have an offer of marriage soon; or you will attend the wedding of a friend.

JACK OF DIAMONDS -- (LETTERS) You will receive news of a wedding or from newlyweds; or news of an elopement.

TEN OF DIAMONDS -- (MONEY) Through marriage you will obtain money; your mate will be successful with your help; or a mercenary marriage; or a wealthy marriage.

NINE OF DIAMONDS -- (SURPRISES) You will be surprised about an old person's wedding; or when you hear of the marriage of someone who you thought would never wed; or some proposal will surprise you.

EIGHT OF DIAMONDS -- (INHERITANCE) You attend a marriage or through the union with old folks, like taking care of them, you will inherit some money, jewelry or personal belongings.

SEVEN OF DIAMONDS -- (SUCCESS) If married, your life should be successful; also your mate should be kind and true.

ACE OF CLUBS -- (GIFTS) You will give a wedding present or receive one; or a gift for the family.

KING OF CLUBS -- (VOCATION) If you are single, your new vocation will be keeping house; or through a marriage or union of some business, you will change your vocation; or you will get a position with newlyweds; or someone gets married and you get their position.

QUEEN OF CLUBS -- (INQUIRER) If you are single, you will be married soon; or a marriage comes to your family or where you are living; you will have something to do with the marriage; or the union of something.

JACK OF CLUBS -- (RELATIVES) A relative or friend of yours will be married soon; a young person or a relative will visit you; or a birth.

TEN OF CLUBS -- (JOURNEY) A honeymoon if single; or a trip with your sweetheart; or a trip that will reunite you with a loved one; or the union of relatives or friends.

NINE OF CLUBS -- (LUCK) Your marriage will prove lucky, and your mate will supply you with many worldly goods; of if single, you will be married soon.

EIGHT OF CLUBS -- (ACHIEVEMENT) Your marriage depends on something you are doing; or you will achieve something through your mate; or a marriage for business reasons only; or the union of business by marriage.

SEVEN OF CLUBS -- (MESSAGES) You will receive a message to attend a wedding; or hear of an elopement or marriage. If a businessperson, you may hear of some firms amalgamating, which will benefit your own business.

ACE OF SPADES -- (DEATH) A death separates you from someone with whom you are united like marriage, relatives, or a friendship of long standing; or a divorce or uncontrolled separation from loved ones.

KING OF SPADES -- (CALLERS) A relative or friend who calls will try to break up your home; or callers will tell of their wedding plans; or by associating with certain people, you may be arrested. Be careful of the friends you make.

QUEEN OF SPADES -- (GRATITUDE) If married, you can expect ingratitude from your in-laws or from people closely associated with you; or your family is very grateful.

JACK OF SPADES -- (COMPASS-THOUGHTS) A conniving, cunning person may try to break up your romance or marriage. Watch for this party; may be a new acquaintance. Trickery of some kind is indicated.

TEN OF SPADES -- (SUN) The sun will not shine every day in marriage; also indicates you will discover something about an associate that causes you to reprimand him.

NINE OF SPADES -- (DISAPPOINTMENT) You will be disappointed in a marriage or you have lost someone in the home through marriage; or you will be divorced; or a mate is taken by death. A disappointment connected with marriage; or a delay in wedding plans.

EIGHT OF SPADES -- (TROUBLE) You will have trouble in your marriage over money or relatives; or you will be a peacemaker between married persons; or you will have a falling out with friends; or you wish guests would leave.

SEVEN OF SPADES -- (HEALTH) Your health or another's will affect your marriage; or you are blue after your marriage, not necessarily about your mate but maybe financial trouble. Cheer up, there are good days ahead.