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House Of Money

Click on your card to read your fortune.

ACE OF HEARTS -- (THE ABODE) Ace of Hearts in the House of Money indicates that money comes from the home. Or some work done at home will bring money. Or you will sell your home if you own it. Money comes through a home condition.

KING OF HEARTS -- (ENJOYMENT) A large sum of money comes to you through the efforts of another like a father; uncle or a dear friend. Or a business transaction brings you enjoyment. Good business indicated for amusement places; summer resorts or theaters; etc.

QUEEN OF HEARTS -- (FRIENDS) A friend will give you a loan or help you make money. Also indicates friendly cooperation from your employer or employees.

JACK OF HEARTS -- (POPULARITY) Through being well liked money will be given you. Or you will earn it through a talent. Or it comes through being popular. Or through something that is in popular demand with the public.

TEN OF HEARTS -- (MARRIAGE OR UNION) Through a marriage you will make big money. If married; your mate will be of great help to you. Also indicates the union of something that brings big money in business.

NINE OF HEARTS -- (YOUR WISH) If you had wished for money you will get it. Or your wish is hindered by the lack of money. A good chance for your wish.

EIGHT OF HEARTS -- (MOON-LOVE) Through someone who loves you; you will receive much money. Also if single; love and money come into your life. A wealthy marriage.

SEVEN OF HEARTS -- (HAPPINESS) Through the receipt of some money; you will buy something you want and it will give you much happiness.

ACE OF DIAMONDS -- (NEW UNDERTAKING) Money will come through a new undertaking. Take advantage of any offer; work or investment.

KING OF DIAMONDS -- (LEGAL PAPERS) Some money that comes through a paper will need the services of an attorney. Also an opportunity to invest through stocks; bonds or loans.

QUEEN OF DIAMONDS -- (SEASONS) You will receive money shortly; either through investment or work. There is money here for you. If making a loan on time payments; you will succeed.

JACK OF DIAMONDS -- (LETTERS) You will receive hasty news concerning money. Also you wish for money but never give it a thought as to how it is earned. Or mail brings money.

TEN OF DIAMONDS -- (MONEY) You will receive a large sum of money. Or an opportunity is coming your way to make a loan or to change one to less interest. Or a debt paid of long standing. A sure sign of better money conditions; use this carefully.

NINE OF DIAMONDS -- (SURPRISES) You will be surprised about an opportunity that will be offered which will better your position; where you will make more money. Take what is offered; it is good for you. Or you will receive money unexpectedly.

EIGHT OF DIAMONDS -- (INHERITANCE) You will inherit some money; a small sum; also stocks and bonds. Legacies come from unlooked for places at times and a person does not have to die for you to inherit. Or a small gift of money.

SEVEN OF DIAMONDS -- (SUCCESS) Money matters will bring you success in the future. Concentrate on an opportunity that is present in the work. Success is there for you.

ACE OF CLUBS -- (GIFTS) You will receive a large sum of money or the equivalent. Or the purchase of jewelry; indicates something valuable.

KING OF CLUBS -- (VOCATION) If you are working you can look for a raise in pay; better position or good business. Or more money from wherever your support comes from.

QUEEN OF CLUBS -- (INQUIRER) Even though you may not know at this time where the money is coming from; you will surely make or receive some soon.

JACK OF CLUBS -- (RELATIVES) You have a very wealthy relative or friend who will be or is very kind to you. Or you will give some money to a relative or friend.

TEN OF CLUBS -- (JOURNEY) Money comes to you from a distance. Or through a trip or change of work you will make more money; a change for the better. This could be the sale of land or a car. If in the racing business or transportation; money won or good business.

NINE OF CLUBS -- (LUCK) You should have good luck in money matters; such as choosing good stocks and knowing what to buy at the right time in the market. Money through a lucky gamble. This applies to anything.

EIGHT OF CLUBS -- (ACHIEVEMENT) Through some achievement you will make a large sum of money. Business; work and money are indicated.

SEVEN OF CLUBS -- (MESSAGES) You will receive a message concerning a money making opportunity. Concentrate on any proposition that is offered within the week; as a talk about money over the phone or by mail.

ACE OF SPADES -- (DEATH) You will receive an inheritance; insurance; stocks or bonds through a death. Or by a change of some kind you will benefit financially.

KING OF SPADES -- (CALLERS) You will pay a fine; also an opportunity is lost here. Or callers discuss money or a loan asked. Or you lay out plans with a caller.

QUEEN OF SPADES -- (GRATITUDE) A grateful person will offer an investment that is in the primative state like lumber; mining; etc. If so inclined this will be to your benefit. Or if you are handling someone's estate for him; he may be very ungrateful for the investments you make. Or you will be grateful for a debt paid.

JACK OF SPADES -- (COMPASS-THOUGHTS) Money sometime in your life will come from many sources and from many directions. If in business; plenty of orders.

TEN OF SPADES -- (SUN) The west will be a good place to make your investments; there golden opportunities await you. Indicates also investments in oil; land or lumber; a good investment.

NINE OF SPADES -- (DISAPPOINTMENT) You will have trouble over money; which you lose in real estate; worthless bonds; stocks; etc. Or you will meet with a loss of some other kind. A friend loss is indicated. Or a delay in a note to be paid.

EIGHT OF SPADES -- (TROUBLE) You will have trouble over money. Also you should not take other people's advice when an opportunity presents itself; use you own good judgment. Do not worry over money.

SEVEN OF SPADES -- (HEALTH) You will lose money through sickness. Your health has something to do with your money conditions. If a nurse or doctor; you will make money by someone's illness or someone who needs your care. Cheer up; health and money are indicated.