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Released 2006

Steve Pink = Director

Michael Bostick = Producer

Tom Shadyac = Producer

Amanda Morgan Palmer = Associate Producer

Jonathan Watson = Associate Producer

Jason Wilson = Associate Producer

Louis G. Friedman = Executive Producer

Brian Lutz = Executive Producer

Mark Perez = Executive Producer

Justin Long as Bartleby Gaines

Jonah Hill as Sherman Schrader

Adam Herschman as Glen

Columbus Short as Hands Holloway

Maria Thayer as Rory Thayer

Lewis Black as Ben Lewis

Blake Lively as Monica

Mark Derwin as Jack Gaines

Ann Cusack as Diane Gaines

Hannah Marks as Lizzie Gaines

Robin (Lord) Taylor as Abernathy Darwin Dunlap

Diora Baird as Kiki

Joe Hursley as Maurice/The Ringers

Jeremy Howard as Freaky Student

Anthony Heald as Dean Richard Van Horne

Travis Van Winkle as Hoyt Ambrose

Kaitlin Doubleday as Gwynn

Sam Horrigan as Mike Welsh

Ross Patterson as Mike McNaughton

Artie Baxter as Mike Chambers

Kellan Lutz as Dwayne

Brendan Miller as Wayne

Chantelle Tibbs as Confused Kid

Christian Long as Sandwich Mascot

York Fryer as S. H. Student in Hallway

Skyler Stone as S. H. Student in Hallway

James (Jim) Taku Leung as S. H. Student in Hallway

Ernest Shaun Reyes as Random S. H. Student

Matt Noble as Big Larry

Lisa Gleave as Kiki's Best Friend

Alejandra Gutierrez as Kiki's Best Friend

Jim O'Heir as Mr. Schrader

Darcy Shean as Mrs. Schrader

Jay Harik as Family Friend

Mathew Vigil as Shoe Store Boy

Debbon Ayer as Shoe Store Mother

Carla Jimenez as Shoe Store Manager

Ned Schmidtke as Board Chairman

Tim Bagley as Vice Principal Matthews

Ray Santiago as Boy Going to Princeton

Margaret Travolta as Academic Counselor

Brian Powell as Economics Teacher

Mike Daily as Stressed-out Student

Jeff Duby as Stressed-out Student

Scott Adsit as Drop-off Dad

Lindy Loundagin as Drop-off Mom

Steve Little as Desk Clerk

Ethan Hova as Male Graduate (scenes deleted)

Paraic McGann as BKE Pledge with Jacket

Arthur Leo as ESL Student

Criscilla Crossland as Go Go Dancer

Larke Hasstedt as Go Go Dancer

Holly Fielding as Autograph Student

Meredith Giangrande as Glen's Party Girl

Kate French as Glen's Party Girl

Christina Diaz as S. H. Testimonial Student

Zoe Di Stefano as S. H. Testimonial Student

David Carmon as S. H. Testimonial Student

Armen Weitzman as S. H. Testimonial Student

Christopher Khai as S. H. Testimonial Student

Stephanie St. Hilaire as S. H. Testimonial Student

Shameka Banks as S. H. Testimonial Student

Nicholas Garren as S. H. Testimonial Student

Louie Heredia as S. H. Testimonial Student

Matthew St. Clair as Fake ID Kid

Jamie Leffler as Fake ID Kid

Nina Nam as Fake ID Kid

Wendy Waller as Fake ID Kid

Ronnie Lewis Jr. as Fake ID Kid

Matthew Ching as Fake ID Kid

Richard Brown as Fake ID Kid

Mylika Davis as Fake ID Kid

Laurie Meghan Phelps as Fake ID Kid

Portis Hershey as Fake ID Kid

Joseph Robinson as The Ringers

Jamie Seibert as The Ringers

Joseph Stiteler as The Ringers

JT Alexander as Fraternity guy (uncredited)

Ava Bellamy as Sorority Girl (uncredited)

Richard Blake as Frat Boy (uncredited)

Curt Clendenin as Classroom Student (uncredited)

Mindee de Lacey as Board Member (uncredited)

Chad Fernandez as Skater #1 (uncredited)

Asher Gold as Frat guy (uncredited)

Geoffrey Gould as Parents Day Parent (uncredited)

Courtney Jackson as Sorority Girl (uncredited)

Jason Kapraun as Drug Dealer (uncredited)

Benjamin Kim as Student (uncredited)

Ann Kristin as Sorority Girl (uncredited)

Vanessa Lauren as S. H. Testimonial Student (uncredited)

Rebecca Parisi as Yoga Student (uncredited)

Neil Patil as Exchange Student (uncredited)

Nathan Pitkanen as Slacker Student (uncredited)

Parker Quinn as Frat Guy (uncredited)

Rumaisa Rahman as Exchange Student (uncredited)

Jimmy Schueler as Frat Guy (uncredited)

Greg Sestero as Frat Guy (uncredited)

Meilinda Cecilia Soerjoko as Exchange Student (uncredited)

Athena Stamos as Harmon College Acceptee (uncredited)

Dana Tripp as Dancer (uncredited)

Pete Turner as Stuntperson

Pat Romano as Stuntperson

Jimmy N. Roberts as Stuntperson

Justin Sudquist as Stuntperson

Courtney Farnsworth as Stuntperson

Vanessa Motta as Stuntperson

Danny Downey as Stuntperson

Jeremy Fry as Stuntperson

Ronn Surels as Stuntperson

Austin Priester as Stuntperson

Andrew Sheehy as Stuntperson

Brycen Counts as Stuntperson

Greg Lutzka as Pro Skaters & BMX Riders

Chad Fernandez as Pro Skaters & BMX Riders

Richard Thorne as Pro Skaters & BMX Riders

Mathias Ringstrom as Pro Skaters & BMX Riders

Ben Snowden as Pro Skaters & BMX Riders

Mike Crum as Pro Skaters & BMX Riders

Kurtis Colamonico as Pro Skaters & BMX Riders

Jason Jones as Pro Skaters & BMX Riders

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