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The Accidental Spy


Released 2001

Teddy Chan = Director

Jackie Chan = Producer

Raymond Chow = Producer

Stephen Chu = Executive Producer

Jackie Chan as Buck Yuen

Eric Tsang as Many Liu

Vivian Hsu as Yong

Kim Min Jeong as Carmen Wong

Wu Hsing Kuo Wu as Lee Sang-Zen

Murat Yilmaz as Celik

Alfred Cheung as Cheung the Lawyer

Lillian Ho as Candice

Tat-Ming Cheung as Tsui / Stan

Vincent Kok as Moving Worker

Hang-Sang Poon as Rich Man

Paulyn Sun as Rich Man's Wife

Ha Ping as Cleaning Lady

Ken Chang as Cop at Mall

Glory Simon as TCN Field Reporter

Vahdet Cakar as Police Officer

Ahmet T. Uygun as TCN News Crew

Rakela Kunyo as TCN News Crew

Cheung Tat Chuen as TCN News Crew

Erdem Kaya as TCN News Crew

Emre Tannverdi as TCN News Crew

Abrim Gurgen as TCN News Crew

Faith Koroglu as TCN News Crew

Wai Hung Chan as TCN News Crew

Eric Lee as Lee's Bodyguard

Bradley James Allan as Lee's Bodyguard

Paul Andreovski as Lee's Bodyguard

Caprio Anthony as Lee's Boydguard

Gordon William George Milne as Lee's Bodyguard

Siros Niaros as Lee's Bodyguard

Scott Edward Adkins as Lee's Bodyguard

Raven Choi as Lee's Bodyguard

Taner Barlas as Priest

Rezzak Aklar as United Nations Scientist

Karen Apostolina as voice

Stephen Apostolina as voice

Kirk Baily as voice

Sirma Bradley as United Nations Scientist

Steve Bulen as voice

Richard Cansino as voice

Man-Ching Chan as player

Sai-Tang Chan as player

Wilgun Cinal as United Nations Scientist

Robert Clotworthy as voice

David Cowgill as voice

Wendy Culter as voice

Burak Damah as Turkish Family Son

Chiu-Yau Dang as Robber

Ipek Deger as Turkish Family

Herve Decalion as CIA Agent

Richard Epcar as voice

Said Faraj as voice

Didem Erol (Dana Flynn) as Girlfriend of Mafia Boss

Eddie Frierson as voice

Elisa Gabrielli as voice

Nicholas Guest as voice

Orhan Guler as United Nations Scientist

Fatih Haciosmanoglu as United Nations Scientist

James Hills as Beggar

Bridget Hoffman as voice

Rif Hutton as voice

Aziz D. Jamily as voice

Tony (Anthony Rene) Jones as Philip Ashley

Choo Gyne Jung as Buck's Mom

Selim Kocak as Fishing Village Prayer

Steve Kramer as voice

Joh Young Kwan as Park Won Jung

Yung Kwan as Robber

Kennedy Lau as Korean Officer

Lemon Liu as Korean Offical

Edie Mirman as voice

Sirri Murad as voice

Jonathan Nichols as voice

Yildinm Ocek as Bank Manager

Erdine Olgaeli as Turkish Family

Ray Pang as Bartender

Paul Pape as voice

Bob Papenbrook as voice

Steve Pinto as voice

Gracie (Poletti) Moore as voice

Tony Pope as voice

Stuart Robinson as voice

Lia Sargent as voice

Figen Amber Senbas as Bank Clerk

Michael Sorich as voice

Pamela Spencer as Fishing Village Woman

Alay Stailmis as United Nations Scientist

Doug Stone as voice

Mark Sussman as voice

Hamit Suzen as Fishing Village Kid

Dave Thomas as voice

Paxton Winters as United Nations Scientist

Man-Chun Wong as Mall Cop

Wond Ming Sing as Salesman

Stephanie Wong as Korean Officer

Kin-Wai Yan as Bank Robber

Gordon Alexander as Hitman (uncredited)

Piggy Chan as Korean Offical (uncredited)

Teddy Chan as Taxi Driver (uncredited)

Athena Chu as Woman Interested in Gym Equipment (uncredited)

Mustafa Presheva as Italian Mob (uncredited)

Scott Adkins as Stuntperson

Gordon Alexander as Stuntperson

Alain Bour as Stunt Driver: Turkey

Philippe Dailler as Stunt Driver: Turkey

Cyrille Dufaut as Stunt Driver: Turkey

Jean-Benoit Guillon as Stunt Driver: Turkey

Rocky Lai as Stuntperson

Laurent Mulot as Stunt Driver: Turkey

Siros Niaros as Stuntperson

Daniel O'Neill as Stuntperson

Pascal Roblin as Stunt Driver: Turkey

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