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Aces of Hearts


Released 2007

David Mackay = Director

Randy Cheveldave = Producer

Jeff Wilson = Co-Producer

Jonathan Bogner = Executive Producer

Kate Harrison = Executive Producer

Jacqueline Kelly = Executive Producer

Frank Lalli = Executive Producer

Blair Reekie = Executive Producer

Lewin Webb = Executive Producer

Dean Cain as Daniel Harding

Britt McKillip as Julia Harding Mackenzie

Mike Dopud as Torko

Anne Marie (Loder) DeLuise as Lilly Harding

David Patrick Green as Captain Joe Porter

Burkely Duffield as Kenny

Daniel Boileau as Vet Tech

Zak Santiago as Deputy Sanchez

Keith 'Blackman' Dallas as Boss Crowder

Lossen Chambers as Bus Driver

John Shaw as Frank Burgess

Jimmy Bixler as Matthew Harrison

Jody Thompson as Nicole/Reporter

Dave Lantaigne as Officer Vaughn

Peter Kelamis as Deputy D. A. Hilliard

Dawn Chubai as TV News Reporter

Connor Dunn as Redneck Boy

Brenna O'Brien as Val

Philip Cabrita as Mechanic #1

C.J. Jackman-Zigante as Wenatchee Police Dispatcher

Dan Pelchat as Gym Manager

Luisa Jojic as Veterinarian

Lilian Umurungi as Soccer Girl #1

Max Chadburn as Soccer Girl #2

Alix Malkin as Soccer Girl #3

Nelson Wong as Bathroom Officer #1

Nathan Clark as Officer #2

Kasey Kieler as Road Worker

Tony Nikl as Prison Escapee

Sonny Litt as Newspaper Delivery Guy

Juan Riedinger as Church Thief

Matt Ward as Photographer

Solo as Ace

Bobby as Ace

Luis Javier as Homeless guy (uncredited)

Marney Eng as Stunt double Julia

Doug Chapman as Stunt double Jimmy Bixler

Scott Nicholson as Stunt Truck Driver

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