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Ace Ventura

Pet Detective Jr.


Released 2008

David Mickey Evans = Director

David Robinson = Producer

James G. Robinson = Producer

Guy McElwaine = Executive Producer

Wayne Morris = Executive Producer

Josh Flitter as Ace Ventura, Jr.

Emma Lockhart as Laura Wilson

Ann Cusack as Melissa Ventura

Cullen Douglas as Dr. Sickinger

Art LaFleur as Russell Hollander

Austin Rogers as A Plus

Reed Alexander as Pennington Jr.

Ralph Waite as Grandpa Ventura

Carina Conti II as Tara

Ashley Milchman as Emo Kid #1

Brooke Milchman as Emo Kid #2

Aubrey Peeples as Daniella

Morgan Curschman as Girl Swimmer #1

Paige Huston as Girl Swimmer #2

Lisa Glaze as Teacher

Kendall Ganey as Little Girl at Spelling Bee

Tom Hillmann as Trooper

Trevin Lica as Bully

Jabari Ty'ree Shaffer as Boy

Jeff Chase as Pennington Bodyguard

John Connon as Tour Guide

Veryl Jones as Museum Security Guard

Phil Ramirez as Prosecutor

Jim R. Coleman as Judge

Karel Wright as Tabby's Handler

Jeff Farley as Tabby's Security Officer

William 'Will' Haze as Magician

Terry Loughlin as Horse Owner

Patrick Hoover as Party Kid #1

Haley Boyle as Party Kid #2

Connor Boyle as Overwhelmed Kid

Brian Patrick Clarke as Pennington Sr.

Adam Vernier as Agent #1

Tom Brooks as Agent #2

Tyler the Dog as Ox the Dog

Franceine Hanson as Zoo worker (uncredited)

Brandon Migliore as Crash Car Driver (uncredited)

Rhiannon Roberts as Park Guest (uncredited)

Chris Adler as Pennington Jr's Body Guard (uncredited)

Robie Alan as Special Government Agent (uncredited)

Christian Andreas as Guard in Dinosaur Chase (uncredited)

Karl Anthony as Laura's Dad (uncredited)

Jennifer Badger as Security Team Leader (uncredited)

Jessica Blackmore as Asst with White Horse (uncredited)

Harrison Boxley as Player (uncredited)

Ophelia Boxley as Pedestrian (uncredited)

Justin Brown as Churro Guy (uncredited)

Whitney Costner as Witness (uncredited)

Omar Elkalyoubie as Chinese Dignitary (uncredited)

Bayley Ellenburg as Witness (uncredited)

Jeff Ellenburg as Wittness (uncredited)

Emily Rose Everhard as Additional Voices (uncredited)

Macaila Fernandes as Marina's Friend (uncredited)

Ciara Gari as Student (uncredited)

Wael Georgey as FBI Agent (uncredited)

Jen Halbert as Tabby's Entourage (uncredited)

Kelsie Erin Howell as Party Kid (uncredited)

Ariana Kollman as Spelling Bee Girl (uncredited)

Jesse Kozel as Neighbor (uncredited)

Randi Lee Krasny as Tabby's Fan (uncredited)

Noah Kronenberger as Park Guest (uncredited)

Jennifer Lonardo as Teacher (uncredited)

Sam Lonigro as Girls Swim Team Member (uncredited)

Leslie Maine as FBI Agent (uncredited)

Tiffany Marshall as Crash Driver & Cafeteria Worker (uncredited)

Angel McBride as iPod Girl, Tara's Friend (uncredited)

Celestial McBride as Spelling Bee Contestant, Marina's Friend (uncredited)

Melody Mccraney as Teacher (uncredited)

Freddie T. Mitchell as Magic Show Stage Hand (uncredited)

Jennifer Paige Moralez as Student & Party Dancer (uncredited)

Tom Myers as Security Guard (uncredited)

Katarina Noel as Student, Talent Show (uncredited)

Headley Oliver III as Party Dancer (uncredited)

Jeremy Palko as CSI Agent (uncredited)

Jason Nathaniel Powers as Park Guest (uncredited)

Summer Raine as Neighbor (uncredited)

Noah Schnacky as Swim Team Boy (uncredited)

David W. Scott as Mr. Pennington's Body Guard (uncredited)

A J Semiday as Teacher (uncredited)

Adonis Stevens as DJ the Security Guard (uncredited)

Andy Ussach as Pennington's Butler (uncredited)

Aries Marvin Uzzle as FBI Agent (uncredited)

Nelitza Vallellanes as Teacher (uncredited)

Trevis Waters as Courtroom Attendant (uncredited)

Wolfgang Weber as Crash Driver (uncredited)

Elizabeth Rose Young as Park Guest (uncredited)

Kevin B. Young as Man on the Street (uncredited)

Susan Saddler as Stuntperson

W. Preston Ewen as Stuntperson

Johnny Maio as Stuntperson

Dave Martin as Stuntperson

Ronald Fox as Stuntperson

Tim Karl as Stuntperson

Levi Gilcrease as Stuntperson

Tom Akos as Stuntperson

Robert Weir as Stuntperson

Rosie Bernhard as Stuntperson

Chick Bernhardt as Stuntperson

John Evanko as Stuntperson

Tim Bell as Stuntperson

Laurence Chavez as Stuntperson

Bob Fisher as Stuntperson

Greg Wattkis as Stuntperson

Kurt Hockenberry as Stuntperson

Rich Diedrich as Stuntperson

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