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Act of Valor


Released 2012

Mouse McCoy = Director

Scott Waugh = Director

Mike 'Mouse' McCoy = Producer

Scott Waugh = Producer

Captain Duncan Smith = Co-Producer

Bob Kaminski = Co-Executive Producer

Chris George = Co-Executive Producer

Max Leitman = Executive Producer

Jay Pollak = Executive Producer

Jason Clark = Executive Producer

Ryan Kavanaugh = Executive Producer

Tucker Tooley = Executive Producer

Jason Colbeck = Executive Producer

Michael J. Mailis = Executive Producer

Benjamin Statler = Executive Producer

Lance Sloane = Executive Producer

Bert Ellis = Executive Producer

LCDR Rorke as Lieutenant Rorke

SOC Dave as Chief Dave

SOC Sonny as SO1 Sonny

SOC Weimy as SO1 Weimy

SO1 Ray as SO1 Ray

SO1 Ajay as SO1 Ajay

SOC Mikey as SO1 Mikey

SOCS Van D as Senior Chief Otto

Katelyn as LT Lyons

Admiral Callaghan as Admiral Callaghan

Captain Duncan Smith as Captain Duncan Smith

SOCS Billy as SWCC Boat Senior Chief

Roselyn Sanchez as Lisa Morales

Jason Cottle as Abu Shabal

Alex Veadov as Christo

Nestor Serrano as Walter Ross

Ailsa Marshall as LT Rorke's Wife

Gonzalo Menendez as Commander Pedros

Emilio Rivera as Sanchez

Dimiter D. Marinov as Kerimov

Thomas 'Tommy' Rosales Jr. as Christo's RHM

Marc Margulies as US Ambassador

Dan Southworth as News Reporter

Drea Castro as Recruit

Marissa Labog as Recruit

Aurelius DiBarsanti as Recruit

Reginald Long as Recruit

Jeffrey Barnachea as Recruit

Philip Un as Recruit

Keo Woolford as Recruit

Jimmy Chiu as Recruit

Sarifa Salanga as Recruit

Fred Nicko Sabado as Recruit

Conrad Garcia as Recruit

Christian Mante as Recruit

Craig H. Davidson as Recruit

Henry Pinpin as Recruit

Ernie Reyes Jr. as Recruit

Sonny Sison as Recruit

Carla Jimenez as Screaming Mom

Ed Abel Pineda as Sleeping Husband

Angela Mora as Sleeping Wife

Antoni Corone as Yacht Henchman #1

Artie Malesci as Surveillance Boat Driver

Maria Juani as Yacht Girl #1

Aspen Widowson as Yacht Girl #2

Lydia Lane as Yacht Girl #3

Sopheakna Ngourn as Ice Cream Truck Girl

Gilbert Rosales as Christo's Thug

Nick Gomez as Christo's Thug

Sam Cespedes as Christo's Thug

Sebastian Rey as Christo's Thug

Kenny Calderon as Christo's Thug

Victor Palacios as Christo's Thug

Jeymi Ramos as Christo's Thug

Alexander Asefa as Christo's Thug

Mario Perez as Cartel & Mexican SOF

Juan Diaz as Cartel & Mexican SOF

Dorian Kingi as Cartel & Mexican SOF

Oscar Pesqueira as Cartel & Mexican SOF

Richie Gaona as Cartel & Mexican SOF

Raul Canizales II as Cartel & Mexican SOF

Shawn Robinson as Cartel & Mexican SOF

Gilbert Mares as Cartel & Mexican SOF

Marco Morales as Cartel & Mexican SOF

Jesús Fernández as Cartel & Mexican SOF

Alfredo Sanchez as Cartel & Mexican SOF

Sam Pascua as Cartel & Mexican SOF

Francisco Lopez as Cartel & Mexican SOF

Pedro Sergio Escobedo as Cartel & Mexican SOF

Charles Mathers as Somalian

Charles Chiyangwa as Somalian

Zakaria Sall as Somalian

Jesse Cotton as Somalian

R, Ray J. Shirley as Somalian

Colin Fleming as Somalian

Odain Watson as Somalian

Dyonte (Dontrell) Griffin as Somalian

Kevin Kent as Navy SEAL (uncredited)

Beth Waugh as Rorke's sister (uncredited)

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