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Adventures Of Rocky and Bullwinkle


Released 2000

Des McAnuff = Director

Allison P. Brown = Producer

Robert De Niro = Producer

Jane Rosenthal = Producer

D. Scott Easton = Associate Producer

Elyse Klaits = Associate Producer

Brad Epstein = Co-Producer

David Nicksay = Executive Producer

Tiffany Ward = Executive Producer

Rene Russo as Natasha

Jason Alexander as Boris

Piper Perabo as Karen Sympathy

Randy Quaid as Cappy von Trapment

Robert De Niro as Fearless Leader

June Foray as Voices of Rocky, Cartoon Natasha

Fatale & Narrator's Mother

Keith Scott as Voices of Bullwinkle, Narrator,

Cartoon Boris Badenov & Cartoon Fearless Leader

Janeane Garofalo as Minnie Mogul

Carl Reiner as P. G. Biggershot

Jonathan Winters as Whoppa Chopper Pilot, Ohio

Cop with Bullhorn & Jeb

John Goodman as Oklahoma Cop

Kenan Thompson as Lewis

Kel Mitchell as Martin

James Rebhorn as President Signoff

David Alan Grier as Measures

Norman Lloyd as Wossamotta U. President

Jon Polito as Schoentell

Rod Biermann as Ole

Don Novello as Fruit Vendor Twins

John Brandon as General Admission

Harrison Young as General Foods

Nigel Gibbs as General Store

Ed Gale as The Mole

Phil Proctor as RBTV Floor Director

Dian Bachar as RBTV Studio Technician

Drena De Niro as RBTV Lackey

Mark Holton as FBI Agent - Potato

Doug Jones as FBI Agent - Carrot

Jane Edith Wilson as FBI Agent - Radish

Lily Nicksay as Sydney

Julia McAnuff as Little Karen

Adam Miller as Little Ole

Steve Rankin as Arrest Cop

Phillip V. Caruso as Rance

Brian T. Finney as Bailiff

Wesley Mann as Clerk

Jeffrey Ross as District Attorney

Arvie Lowe Jr. as Sharp-Eyed Student

Chip Chinery as Security Guard

Ellis E. Williams as Security Guard

David Brisbin as Average Dad

Kristen Lowman as Average Mom & stand in voice Rocky

Myrna Niles as Average Grandma

Jack Donner as Average Grandpa

Amanda Brookshire as Average Kid

Patric Brillhart as Average Kid

Jared Doud as Average Teen

Paget Brewster as Jenny Spy

Victor Raider-Wexler as Igor

Max Grodénchik as Horse Spy

Eugene Alper as Horse Spy

Susan Berman as Voices of Weasel & Rocky

Alexis Thorpe as Supermodel

Mark Silverman as stand in voice Rocky

Edward M. Beckford Jr. as FBI agent (uncredited)

Taraji P. Henson as Left-Wing Student (uncredited)

Jason Kakebeen as Zombie (uncredited)

Jennifer Austin as Nurse #1 (uncredited)

Michael Beardsley as Wossamotta U. Student (uncredited)

Jaap Broeker as Maitre'D (uncredited)

Dar Billingham as Ice Skater (uncredited)

Robert Bundy as Dr. Spy (uncredited)

John Campion as Dr. Spy (uncredited)

Teresa Couch as Wossamotta U. Student (uncredited)

Billy Crystal as Mattress Salesman (uncredited)

Elwood Edwards as Voice of You've Got Mail (uncredited)

Corey Foxx as French Student (uncredited)

Whoopi Goldberg as Judge Cameo (uncredited)

Matt Gulbranson as FBI Agent (uncredited)

Rick Kain as FBI Agent (uncredited)

Chad Keller as Wossamotta U. Student (uncredited)

Scott King as Storm Trooper (uncredited)

Jeremy Maxwell as Angry French Student (uncredited)

Danielle McKee as Wossamotta Student (uncredited)

Gary Pike as Agent (uncredited)

Kelly Sells as Pottsylvania Spy & Dance Hall Girl (uncredited)

Victor M. Slone as Cheapo Depo Rental Car Agent (uncredited)

JT.J. Thyne as Right-Wing Student (uncredited)

Randy Woltz as Photographer (uncredited)

Eliza Coleman as Ms Perabo's Stunt Double

Lisa Hoyle as Ms Perabo's Stunt Double

Edward Matthews as Mr. DeNiro's Stunt Double

Christy Cotton as Ms Russo's Stunt Double

Brian Moore as Mr. Alexander's Stunt Double

Mike Adams as Stuntperson

Kurt Lott as Stuntperson

Joni Avery as Stuntperson

Denver Mattson as Stuntperson

Bruce Barrour as Stuntperson

Rich Minga as Stuntperson

Dan Barringer as Stuntperson

Vladimir Orlov as Stuntperson

Robin Bonaccorsi as Stuntperson

Pee Wee Piemonte as Stuntperson

Joey Bucarro as Stuntperson

Allen Robinson as Stuntperson

Hal Burton as Stuntperson

Walter Robles as Stuntperson

Mark Chadwick as Stuntperson

Jason Rodriguez as Stuntperson

Tim Chitwood as Stuntperson

Kerry Rossall as Stuntperson

Ken Clark as Stuntperson

George Marshall Ruge as Stuntperson

Whitney Coleman as Stuntperson

James Ryan as Stuntperson

Wally Crowder as Stuntperson

Scott Schwartz as Stuntperson

Max Daniels as Stuntperson

Fred Scheiwiller as Stuntperson

Vince Deadrick Jr. as Stuntperson

Rick Seaman as Stuntperson

Bob Elmore as Stuntperson

Eurlyne Epper as Stuntperson

Jim Stephan as Stuntperson

Mickey Giacomazzi as Stuntperson

Mike Watson as Stuntperson

Richard Hancock as Stuntperson

Cheryl Wheeler as Stuntperson

Leigh Hennessy as Stuntperson

Jim Wilkey as Stuntperson

Chris Howell as Stuntperson

Brian J. Williams as Stuntperson

Jophery Brown as Stuntperson

Scott Workman as Stuntperson

William Judkins as Stuntperson

Harry Wowchuck as Stuntperson

Shawn Kautz as Stuntperson

Dan Wynands as Stuntperson

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