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Adventures of a Teenage Dragonslayer


Released 2010

Andrew Lauer = Director

Ryil Adamson = Producer

Gavin Gillette = Producer

Pauline Adamson = Associate Producer

Barton Bond = Associate Producer

Wendy Deetz = Associate Producer

Grubb Graebner = Associate Producer

Andrew Lauer = Associate Producer

Lea Thompson as Laura

Wendie Malick as Vice Principal Metz

Hunter Allan as Arthur

Eric Lutes as Shane

Richard Sellers as Bart

Abigail Victor as Natalie

Ryan Bradley Norris as Tim

Amy Pietz as Officer Annie

Andrew Lauer as Dad

Jordan Reynolds as Larry Metz

Shawn Prince as Jaws

Samuel 'Sam' Webb as Munch

Ryil Adamson as Cop

Dylan Adamson as Conventioneer

Gavin Gillette as Really Big Fan

Ken Tanaka as Minion

Diego Granados as Minion

Seth Turner as Cop #2

Brent Peterson as Head Exterminator

Steven Ray Byrd as Exterminator (uncredited)

Nathan Moore as Stuntperson

Jessica Kampling as Stuntperson

Willie Weber as Stuntperson

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