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Age of The Dragons


Released 2011

Ryan Little = Director

McKay Daines = Producer

Steven A. Lee = Producer

Gil Aglaure = Executive Producer

Joe Pia = Executive Producer

Peter Urie = Executive Producer

Danny Glover as Ahab

Vinnie Jones as Stubb

Corey Sevier as Ishmael

Sofia Pernas as Rachel

Larry Bagby as Flask

Kepa Kruse as Queequeg

David Morgan as Starbuck

Raphael Cruz as Young Ahab

Yanique Bland as Ahab's Sister

Wayne Brennan as Elijah

McKay Daines as Peter Coffin

John Lyde as Tashtego

Scott Chun as Daggoo

Amy Micalizio as Bar Maid

Brianne Aglaure as Bar Maid

Savannah Ostler as Bar Maid

Brandon Anderson as Bar Patron

Christian Purser as Bar Patron

Ryan Don Devey as Bar Patron

Valeria Madsen as Bar Patron

Preston Gibbs as Bar Patron

Mark Oliphant as Bar Patron

Gloria Hansen as Bar Patron

Tom Post as Bar Patron

Ross Howard as Bar Patron

David Turley as Bar Patron

Chris Larsen as Bar Patron

Nathan Harward as Bar Patron

Erik Madsen as Bar Patron

Erich Cannon as Bar Patron

Anthony King as Ahab Stand In

Dave Word as Stand In

Mike Feragan as Stand In

Ashton Reiger as Stand In

Camille Aglaure as Stand In

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