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Age of Heroes


Released 2011

Adrian Vitoria = Director

James Brown = Producer

Lex Lutzus = Producer

Nick O'Hagan = Producer

James Youngs = Producer

Sigurd Mikal Karoliussen = Co-Producer

Jan Eirik Langoen = Co-Producer

Jamie Carmichael = Executive Producer

Christopher Figg = Executive Producer

James Greenslade = Executive Producer

Shail Shah = Executive Producer

Simon Goldberg = Executive Producer

Nigel Thomas = Executive Producer

Peter Urie = Executive Producer

Charlotte Walls = Executive Producer

Robert Whitehouse = Executive Producer

Sean Bean as Jones

Danny Dyer as Rains

Aksel Hennie as Steinar

Izabella Miko as Jensen

James D'Arcy as Ian Fleming

William Houston as Mac

John Dagleish as Roger Rollright

Stephen Walters as Brightling

Guy Burnet as Riley

Ewan Ross as Gable

Christian Rubeck as Model

Jan Erik Madsen as Teichman

Lee Jerrum as Dobson

Rosie Fellner as Sophie Holbrook

Tony Hood as Sergeant Gray

Jay Simpson as RMP Company Sergeant Major

Andrew Hawley as Smith

Adam Gillen as Soldier #1

Theo Barklem-Biggs as Jimmy, Soldier #2

Timothy Watson as RMP Captain

Lin Blakley as Mrs Shepherd

Georgina Sutcliffe as Grace

Christiaan Haig as Muggs

Daniel Brocklebank as RMP Sergeant Hamilton

Sebastian Street as RMP Colonel Archer

Tom Lawrence as RAF Jump Sergeant

Vegar Hoel as Ingmar

Tom Luke as Dying Soldier

David Gwillim as SS Mountain Troops (uncredited)

Richard Stephens as Nazi Officer (uncredited)

Dominic Ryan as German Nazi Soldier (uncredited)

Sam Peter Jackson as Voice of German Soldiers (uncredited)

Loekke Calle as Commando Soldier (uncredited)

Nick Jones as Nazi Scout (uncredited)

Andrew Michael Buckley as RMP (uncredited)

Thomas Skjbrestad as Stuntperson

Paul Kennington as Stuntperson

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