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Air Buddies


Released 2006

Robert Vince = Director

Anna McRoberts = Producer

Robert Vince = Producer

Cascy Beddow as Concession Kid #1

Jane Carr as Mrs. Niggles

Kelly Chapek as Alice

Patrick Cranshaw as Sheriff Bob

Jarvis Dashkewytch as Bud-dha Boy

Tyler (Guerrero) Foden as Bartleby Livingstone

Karen Holness as Wilma

Dan Joffre as Bob

Irene Karas as Housekeeper

Richard Karn as Patrick Framm

Ellen Kennedy as Concession Lady

Steve Makaj as Miles Livingstone

Stuart Malinowski as Veggie Man

Jaimie Mortimer-Lamb as Concession Kid #2

Gig Morton as B-Dawg Boy

Holmes Osborne as Selkirk Tander

Slade Pearce as Noah Framm

Christian Pikes as Henry

Paul Rae as Denning

Cynthia Stevenson as Jackie Framm

John Tench as Biker #1

Ingrid Tesch as Alice's Mom

Mark Tisdale as Biker #2

Cainan Wiebe as Mud-Bud Boy

Trevor Wright as Grim

Abigail Breslin as Voice of Rosebud

Michael Clarke Duncan as Voice of Wolf

Josh Flitter as Voice of Budderball

Spencer Fox as Voice of Mudbud

Skyler Gisondo as Voice of B-Dawg

Dominic Scott Kay as Voice of Bud-dha

Don Knotts as Voice of Sniffer

Debra Jo Rupp as Voice of Belinda

Tom Everett Scott as Voice of Buddy

Molly Shannon as Voice of Molly

Wallace Shawn as Voice of Billy

Jake D. Smith as Noah Framm (archive footage)

Brett Armstrong as Stuntperson

Jason Calder as Stuntperson

Dario DeIaco as Stuntperson

Paul Dickson as Stuntperson

Glenn Ennis as Stuntperson

Brad Kelly as Stuntperson

Dan Shea as Stuntperson

Shawn Steward as Stuntperson

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