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Air Bud

Spikes Back


Released 2003

Mike Southon = Director

Anna McRoberts = Producer

Robert Vince = Producer

Kevin Kasha = Executive Producer

Michael Strange = Executive Producer

Anne Vince = Executive Producer

Darren J. Birch as Pottery Vendor

Christopher Bishop as Justin

Tyler Boissonnault as Connor

J. Winston Carroll as Mr. Tilly

Patrick Cranshaw as Sheriff Bob

Brian Dobson as Voice of Polly

Doug Funk as Mailman Phil

Nicholas 'Nick' Harrison as Coach McKay

C. Ernst Harth as Phil

Alfredf 'Alf' E. Humphreys as Patrick

Ellen Kennedy as Tammy's Mom Wilma

Kathryn Kirkpatrick as Mrs. Miller

Bailey Kitzmann as Billy

Edie McClurg as Gram Gram

Katija Pevec as Andrea Framm

Xantha Radley as Donna

Gabrielle Reece as Herself

Nancy Robertson as Principal Pickle

Malcolm Scott as Gordon

Jake D. Smith as Noah

Cynthia Stevenson as Jackie

Chantal Strand as Tammy

Michael Teigen as Referee

Robert Tinkler as Doug

John Wardlow as Mr. Dickson

Tyler Zanon as Scooter Kid

Bailey as Buddy

Brandy as Buddy

Charlie as Buddy

Walker as Buddy

Freebie as Pollywog

Tequila as Pollywog

Mike Coleman as Malibu Announcer (uncredited)

Jared Van Snellenberg as Fair Game Boy (uncredited)

Brett Armstrong as Stuntperson

Ryan Ennis as Stuntperson

Yvette Jackson as Stuntperson

Gerald Paetz as Stuntperson

Darryl Scheelar as Stuntperson

Quinn Starr as Stuntperson

Kara Westlake as Stuntperson

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