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Released 1980

Jim Abrahams = Director

David Zucker = Director

Jerry Zucker = Director

Jon Davison = Producer

Howard W. Koch = Producer

Hunt Lowry = Associate Producer

Jim Abrahams = Executive Producer

David Zucker = Executive Producer

Jerry Zucker = Executive Producer

Kareem (Abdul-Jabaar) Abdul-Jabbar as Roger Murdock

Lloyd Bridges as McCroskey

Peter Graves as Captain Oveur

Julie Hagerty as Elaine

Robert Hays as Ted Striker

Leslie Nielsen as Dr. Rumack

Lorna Patterson as Randy

Robert Stack as Rex Kramer

Stephen Stucker as Johnny

Otto as Himself

Jim Abrahams as Religious Zealot #6

Frank Ashmore as Victor Basta

Jonathan Banks as Gunderson

Craig Berenson as Paul Carey

Barbara Billingsley as Jive Lady

Lee Bryant as Mrs. Hammen

Joyce Bulifant as Mrs. Davis

Mae E. Campbell as Security Lady

Ted Chapman as Airport Steward

Jesse Emmett as Man from India

Norman Alexander Gibbs as First Jive Dude

Amy Gibson as Soldier's Girl

Marcy Goldman as Mrs. Geline

Bob (Bobby) Gorman as Striped Controller

Rossie Harris as Joey

Maurice Hill as Reporter #3

David Hollander as Young Boy with Coffee

James Hong as Japanese General

Howard Honig as Jack

Gregory Itzin as Religious Zealot #1

Howard Jarvis as Man in Taxi

Michael Laurence as Newscaster

David Leisure as First Krishna

Zachary Lewis as Religious Zealot #3

Barbara Mallory as Religious Zealot #2

Maureen McGovern as Nun

Nora Meerbaum as Cocaine Lady

Mary Mercier as Shirley

Ethel Merman as Lieutenant Hurwitz

Len Mooy as Reporter #1

Ann M. Nelson as Hanging Lady

Laura Nix as Mrs. Hurwitz

John O'Leary as Reporter #2

Cyril O'Reilly as Soldier

Bill Porter as Hospital Contortionist

Nicholas Pryor as Mr. Hammen

Conrad E. Palmisano as Religious Zealot #4

Mallory Sandler as L.A. Ticket Agent

Michelle Stacy as Young Girl with Coffee

Robert Starr as Religious Zealot #5

Barbara Stuart as Mrs. Kramer

Lee Terri as Mrs. Oveur

Kenneth Tobey as Air Controller Neubauer

William Tregoe as Jack Kirkpatrick

Hatsuo Uda as Japanese Newscaster

Herb Voland as Air Controller Macias

Jimmie Walker as Windshield Wiper Man

Jill Whelan as Lisa Davis

Al White as Second Jive Dude

John David Wilder as Second Krishna

Windy as Horse

Jason Wingreen as Dr. Brody

Louise Yaffe as Mrs. Jaffe

Charlotte Zucker as Make-up Lady

David Zucker as Ground Crewman #2

Jerry Zucker as Ground Crewman #1

Larry Blake as Upside-down Man (uncredited)

Susan Breslau as Ticket Agent (uncredited)

William Duell as Reporter #1 (uncredited)

Sandra Lee Gimpel as Girl Scout in Bar (uncredited)

Leslie Hoffman as Passenger in Terminal (uncredited)

Bill Kirchenbauer as Capt. Geline (uncredited)

Paula Marie Moody as Girl Scout in Bar (uncredited)

Kitten Natividad as Bouncy Topless Woman on Plane (uncredited)

Dr. Robert Nevin as Other Doctor (uncredited)

Patrick Reynolds as Third Krishna (uncredited)

Herb Vigran as Reporter #2 (uncredited)

Bruce Paul Barbour as Stuntperson

Sandra Lee Gimpel as Stuntperson

Leigh Walsh as Stuntperson

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