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Aladdin and

The King of Thieves


Released 1995

Tad Stones = Director

Tad Stones = Producer

Jeannine Roussel = Associate Producer

Robin Williams as Voice of Genie

Scott Weinger as Voice of Aladdin

Linda Larkin as Voice of Princess Jasmine

John Rhys-Davies as Voices of The King of Thieves, Cassim

Gilbert Gottfried as Voice of Iago the Parrot

Jerry Orbach as Voice of Sa'luk

Val Bettin as Voice of Sultan of Agrabah

Frank Welker as Voice of Abu the Monkey

Jeff Bennett as Additional Voices

Jim Cummings as Voice of Razoul the Chief Guard

Corey Burton as Additional Voices

Jess Harnell as Additional Voices

Clyde Kusatsu as Additional Voices

Rob Paulsen as Additional Voices

CCH Pounder as Voice of The Magic Oracle

Bruce Adler as Singing Voices of Merchant & Narrator

Joan Barber as Chorus

Scott Barnes as Chorus

Don Bradford as Chorus

Liz Callaway as Singing Voice of Princess Jasmine

Merwin Foard as Singing Voice of Cassim, Aladdin's Father

David Friedman as Chorus

Paul Kandel as Chorus

Brad Kane as Singing Voice of Aladdin 'Al'

Alix Korey as Chorus

Marin Mazzie as Chorus

Peter Samuel as Chorus

Gordon Stanley as Chorus

Guy Stroman as Chorus

Molly Wasserman as Chorus

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