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Aladdin and

The Return of Jafar


Released 1994

Toby Shelton = Director

Tad Stones = Director

Alan Zaslove = Director

Tad Stones = Producer

Alan Zaslove = Producer

Maia Mattise = Associate Producer

Jonathan Freeman as Voice of Red Genie, Jafar

Gilbert Gottfried as Voice of Iago the Parrot

Jason Alexander as Voice of Abis Mal,

the Chief of the Thieves

Scott Weinger as Voice of Aladdin 'Al'

Linda Larkin as Voice of Princess Jasmine

Jim Cummings as Voice of Razoul the Chief Guard

Frank Welker as Voice of Abu the Monkey

Dan Castellaneta as Voice of Blue Genie

Val Bettin as Voice of The Sultan of Agrabah

Brad Kane as Singing Voice Aladdin 'Al'

Liz Callaway as Singing Voice Princess Jasmine

Jeff Bennett as Voice of Thief

Brian Hannan as Voice of Thief

B.J. Ward as Voice of Street Mother

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