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Alice In Wonderland


Released 2010

Tim Burton = Director

Joe Roth = Producer

Jennifer Todd = Producer

Suzanne Todd = Producer

Richard D. Zanuck = Producer

Derek Frey = Associate Producer

Katterli Frauenfelder = Co-Producer

Tom C. Peitzman = Co-Producer

Chris Lebenzon = Executive Producer

Peter M. Tobyansen = Executive Producer

Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter

Mia Wasikowska as Alice Kingsley

Helena Bonham Carter as Red Queen

Anne Hathaway as White Queen

Crispin Glover as Stayne, Knave of Hearts

Matt Lucas as Tweedledee & Tweedledum

Michael Sheen as Voice of White Rabbit

Stephen Fry as Voice of Cheshire Cat

Alan Rickman as Voice of Blue Caterpillar

Barbara Windsor as Voice of Dormouse

Paul Whitehouse as Voice of March Hare

Timothy Spall as Voice of Bayard

Marton Csokas as Charles Kingsleigh

Tim Pigott-Smith as Lord Ascot

John Surman as Colleague #1

Peter Mattinson as Colleague #2

Lindsay Duncan as Helen Kingsleigh

Geraldine James as Lady Ascot

Leo Bill as Hamish

Frances de la Tour as Aunt Imogene

Jemma Powell as Margaret Kingsleigh

John Hopkins as Lowell

Eleanor Gecks as Faith Chattaway

Eleanor Tomlinson as Fiona Chattaway

Rebecca Crookshank as Strange Woman Kisser

Michael Gough as Voice of Dodo Bird

Imelda Staunton as Voice of Tall Flower Faces

Christopher Lee as Voice of Jabberwocky

Mairi Ella Challen as 6-Year-Old Alice

Holly Hawkins as Woman with Large Nose in Red Queen Court

Lucy Davenport as Woman with Big Ears in Red Queen Court

Joel Swetow as Man with Large Belly in Red Queen Court

Jessica Oyelowo as Woman with Large Poitrine in Red Queen Court

Ethan Cohn as Man with Large Chin in Red Queen Court

Richard Alonzo as Man with Big Forehead in Red Queen Court

Harry Taylor as Ship Captain

Jim Carter as Voice of Executioner

Frank Welker as Additional Vocal Effects

David 'Elsewhere' Bernal as Hatter Futterwacken Dance Double

Chris Grabher as Hightopp Hat Juggler

Caroline Royce as Party Dancer

Bonnie Parker as Party Dancer

Simone Sault as Party Dancer

Leigh Daniels as Party Dancer

Carl Walker as Party Dancer

Matt Dempsey as Party Dancer

Chris Grierson as Party Dancer

Dale Mercer as Party Dancer

David Lale as Party Musician

John Bass as Party Musician

Nicholas Levy as Party Musician

Patrick Roberts as Party Musician

Phillip Granell as Party Musician

Stephen Giles as Party Musician

Hilary Morris as Maypole Dancer

Jacqueline Tribble as White Queen Loyalist

Amy Bailey as Hatteress (uncredited)

Libby Brien as Courtier (uncredited)

Michael Chomiak as Reader 4 (uncredited)

Parker Contreras as May Pole Kid (uncredited)

Xavier Declie as Red Queens Court (uncredited)

Ashli Dowling as Mad Hatter Clan (uncredited)

Danny Emes as Jubbawokkie (uncredited)

Eric Feliciano as Red Queens Courtier (uncredited)

Greg Fellows as Partygoer (uncredited)

Brighid Fleming as Maypole Dancer (uncredited)

Jessica Starr Folger as Red Queen's Court (uncredited)

Brooke Forbes as White Queen's Court (uncredited)

Jessica Godber as Red Queen Courtier (uncredited)

Geoffrey Gould as Party Guest (uncredited)

Daniel Hepner as Servant to Red Queen (uncredited)

Jack Kalvan as Fire Juggler (uncredited)

Lindsay Lane as Red Queen Courtier (uncredited)

Regan Licciardello as May Pole Dancer (uncredited)

Matisse Mazur as Red Queen Henchman (uncredited)

Savannah McReynolds as Maypole Dancer (uncredited)

Cortney Palm as Red Queen's Court (uncredited)

Keith Roenke as Red Queen Courtier (uncredited)

Mandana Rothschild as Reader 6 (uncredited)

Arick Salmea as Red Queen Nobleman (uncredited)

Erin Sharkey as White Queen Courtier (uncredited)

Gary Sievers as Red Queen Courtier (uncredited)

Jinny Lee Story as White Queen Courtier (uncredited)

Janaya Sultze as Courtier (uncredited)

Nick Thomas-Webster as Red Queen Courtier (uncredited)

Austin James Wolff as May Pole Dancer (uncredited)

Adam Hart as Stayne Stunt Double

Theo Kypri as Mad Hatter Stunt Double

Tarah Paige as Alice Stunt Double

Ernie Reyes Jr. as Tweedledee Stunt Double

Martimiano Nito Larioza as Tweedledum Stunt Double

Jack Kalvan as Fire Juggler

Stacey Carino as Female Hightopper Stuntperson

Aimee Bell as Female Hightopper Stuntperson

Ryan Gray as Male Hightopper Stuntperson

Paul Anthony Scott as Male Hightopper Stuntperson

Kyla Warren as Action Girl Hightopper Stuntperson

Vladimir Kubr as Action Boy Hightopper Stuntperson

Troy Lindsay Brown as Action Boy Hightopper Stuntperson

Alicia Vela-Bailey as Red Queen Townspeople Stuntperson

Jasi Cotton Lanier as Red Queen Townspeople Stuntperson

Tania Pearson-Loeser as Red Queen Townspeople Stuntperson

Randall Archer as Red Queen Townspeople Stuntperson

Wayne Dalglish as Red Queen Townspeople Stuntperson

Alex Chansky as Red Queen Townspeople Stuntperson

Scott Armstrong as Stuntperson

Ilram Choi as Stuntperson

Richard Epper as Stuntperson

Michael Hansen as Stuntperson

Jesse V. Johnson as Stuntperson

David Schultz as Stuntperson

Frank Torres as Stuntperson

Steve Upton as Stuntperson

Aaron Walters as Stuntperson

Andrew Roda as Mad Hatter Stand In

Caroline Fife as Alice Stand In

Martin Trees as Stayne Stand In

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