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All Dogs Go To Heaven


Released 1989

Don Bluth = Director

Don Bluth = Producer

Gary Goldman = Producer

John Pomeroy = Producer

Morris F. Sullivan = Executive Producer

George A. Walker = Executive Producer

Burt Reynolds as Voice of Charlie B. Barkin

Dom DeLuise as Voice of Itchy Itchiford

Judith Barsi as Voice of Anne-Marie

Melba Moore as Voice of Whippet Angel, Annabelle

Daryl Gilley as Voice of Dog Caster

Candy Devine as Voice of Vera

Charles Nelson Reilly as Voice of Killer

Vic Tayback as Voice of Carface

Rob Fuller as Voice of Harold

Earleen Carey as Voice of Kate

Anna Manahan as Voice of Stella Dallas

Nigel Pegram as Voice of Sir Reginald

Loni Anderson as Voice of Flo

Ken Page as Voice of King Gator

Godfrey Quigley as Voice of Terrier

Jay Stevens as Voice of Mastiff

Kelly Briley as Voice of Puppy

Cyndi Cozzo as Voice of Puppy

Thomas Durkin as Voice of Gambler Dog

Dana Rifkin as Voice of Fat Pup

John K. Carr as Additional voices

John Eddings as Additional voices

Jeff Etter as Additional voices

T. Daniel Hofstedt as Additional voices

Dan Kuenster as Additional voices

Dan Molina as Additional voices

Mark Swan as Additional voices

Taylor Swanson as Additional voices

David N. Weiss as Additional voices

Dick Zondag as Additional voices

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