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The Almost Perfect Bank Robbery


Released 1996

David Burton Morris = Director

Bill Scott = Line Producer

Adam Greenman = Co-Producer

Gary Brokaw = Executive Producer

Randy Robinson = Executive Producer

Brooke Shields as Cyndee Lafrance

Dylan Walsh as Frank Syler

Sherie Rene Scott as Dawn

Alessandro Nivola as Doug

Mujibur Rahman as player

Rip Torn as Royce

Greg Hohn as Ernie Tarnowski

Rebecca Koon as Marlene Syler

Jeff Pillars as Ed Syler

Janell McLeod as Eleanor Royce

Marion Guyot as Phyllis Carter

Frank Taylor as Tuggle

Keith Flippen as Robinson

Lucile McIntyre as Mrs. Cherry

Lanelle Markgraf as Kim

Claudia Smith as Woman

Mark Joy as Narrator

Bill Munoz as Domenguez

Lynda Clark as Girl #1

Janelle Cochrane as Rose

Chuck Kinlaw as Cop #1

Shelley Reid as Cop #2

Randell Haynes as Edwards

Duke Ernsberger as Detective #1

Michael Genevie as FBI Agent #1

Esther Lanier as Lula

Mitchell Laurance as Dr. Bregman

John Keenan as Police officer

David Dwyer as Plainclothes officer

David Lenthall as Dale

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