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Alvin and the Chipmunks 2

The Squeakquel


Released 2009

Betty Thomas = Director

Ross Bagdasarian Jr. = Producer

Janice Karman = Producer

Michele Imperato Stabile = Executive Producer

Arnon Milchan = Executive Producer

Karen Rosenfelt = Executive Producer

Steve Waterman = Executive Producer

Zachary Levi as Toby

David Cross as Ian

Jason Lee as Dave

Justin Long as Voice of Alvin

Matthew Gray Gubler as Voice of Simon

Jesse McCartney as Voice of Theodore

Amy Poehler as Voice of Eleanor

Anna Faris as Voice of Jeanette

Christina Applegate as Voice of Brittany

Wendie Malick as Dr. Rubin

Anjelah N. Johnson as Julie

Kathryn Joosten as Aunt Jackie

Kevin G. Schmidt as Ryan

Chris Warren Jr. as Xander

Bridgit Mendler as Becca

Aimee Carrero as Emily

Alexandra Shipp as Valentina

Gregg Binkley as Emcee

Charice Pempengco as Herself

Bernard White as Doctor

Adèle Jacques as Nurse

Joy Osmanski as Airline Rep

Archie Hahn as Agent

Lanny Joon as Paramedic

Brando Eaton as Jeremy

Michael Bruno as Honor Society, Himself

Andrew Lee as Honor Society, Himself

Alexander Noyes as Honor Society, Himself

Jason Rosen as Honor Society, Himself

Ali Mikles as Screaming Fan

Eric Bauza as Voice of Digger

Sean Astin as Meerkat Manor Narrator

Marty Dew as Chipmunk Dancer

Richard Jackson as Chipmunk Dancer

Mihran Kirakosian as Chipmunk Dancer

Janelle Ginestra as Chipette Dancer

Thomasina E. Gross as Chipette Dancer

Rachele Brooke Smith as Chipette Dancer

Daniel Ryan Conferido as Li'l Rosero Dancer

Hokuto 'Hok' Konishi as Li'l Rosero Dancer

Ryan Feng as Li'l Rosero Dancer

Dominic Sandoval as Li'l Rosero Dancer

Brian Hirano as Li'l Rosero Dancer

Steven Terada as Li'l Rosero Dancer

Victor Kim as Li'l Rosero Dancer

Megan Rae Tolete as Popular Girl (uncredited)

George Alexander as Simon Dance Double (uncredited)

Mark Alkofer as Football Referee (uncredited)

Ross Bagdasarian Jr. as Singing Voice of Alvin (uncredited)

Tallie Brinson III as Principal Dancer (uncredited)

Miranda Christine as Paris Concert Goer (uncredited)

Ericka Clevenger as Cheerleader (uncredited)

Elisabeth Colabraro as High School Student (uncredited)

Sean Decker as Dodgeball Player (uncredited)

Sarah Fontenot as Cheerleader (uncredited)

Jerry Fortuna as High School Student (uncredited)

Courtney Galiano as Voice of Performer, Eleanor (uncredited)

Mike Gammariello as Student (uncredited)

Paul Gonzales as Charice Bassist (uncredited)

Timothy Michael Gould as Paris Fan (uncredited)

Janice Karman as Singing Voice of Theodore & the Chipettes (uncredited)

David Lautman as High School Student (uncredited)

Julian McCleary as High School Student (uncredited)

Tyler Sean Palmer as Guitarist (uncredited)

Carl Silva as Dodge Ball Player (uncredited)

Jera Sky as Paris Fan (uncredited)

Casper Smart as Dancer (uncredited)

Andrew Thompson as Stadium Announcer (uncredited)

Danny Tieger as DJ (uncredited)

Shantiel Alexis Vazquez as Alvin Groupie & Paris Fan (uncredited)

Steve Vining as Singing Voice of Simon (uncredited)

Mary Albee as Stuntperson

Eddie Braun as Stuntperson

Dick Butler as Stuntperson

Alexander J. Caputo as Stuntperson

Wayne Dalglish as Stuntperson

David Elson as Stuntperson

Larry Holt as Stuntperson

Steven Lambert as Stuntperson

Paul Lane as Stuntperson

Scott Leva as Stuntperson

Buck McDancer as Stuntperson

Sonia Jo McDancer as Stuntperson

Bob Minor as Stuntperson

Ashley Moore as Stuntperson

Tom Morga as Stuntperson

Tree O'Toole as Stuntperson

Edmond Scott Ratliff as Stuntperson

Samuel Reynolds as Stuntperson

John Robotham as Stuntperson

Rick Seaman as Stuntperson

William Spencer as Stuntperson

Jim Stephen as Stuntperson

Steven Stone as Stuntperson

Chuck Waters as Stuntperson

Brian Williams as Stuntperson

Danny Wynands as Stuntperson

Bob Yerkes as Stuntperson

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