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An American Tail


Released 1986

Don Bluth = Director

Don Bluth = Producer

Gary Goldman = Producer

John Pomeroy = Producer

Kate Barker = Associate Producer

Deborah Jelin Newmyer = Associate Producer

Kathleen Kennedy = Executive Producer

David Kirschner = Executive Producer

Frank Marshall = Executive Producer

Steven Spielberg = Executive Producer

Erica Yohn as Voice of Mama Mousekewitz

Nehemiah Persoff as Voice of Papa Mousekewitz

Amy Green as Voice of Tanya Mousekewitz

Phillip Glasser as Voice of Fievel Mousekewitz

Christopher Plummer as Voice of Henri

John Finnegan as Voice of Warren T. Rat

Will Ryan as Voice of Digit

Hal Smith as Voice of Moe

Pat Musick as Voice of Tony Toponi

Cathianne Blore as Voice of Bridget

Neil Ross as Voice of Honest John

Madeline Kahn as Voice of Gussie Mausheimer

Dom DeLuise as Voice of Tiger

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