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Released 1994

George Miller = Director

Annette Handley = Producer

Adam Shapiro = Producer

Lawrence Mortorff = Co-Executive Producer

Sue Baden-Powell = Co-Producer

Dana Baratta = Co-Producer

Donald Kushner = Executive Producer

Peter Locke = Executive Producer

Tina Majorino as Toni Whitney

Chelsea Field as Thalice Whitney

Shane Meier as Steve Whitney

Aidan Pendleton as Paula Whitney

Shirley Broderick as Mrs. McCann

Keith Carradine as Harry Whitney

Andrea Libman as Mary May

Keith Szarabajka as Billy Baker

Joshua Jackson as Mark Baker

Jay Brazeau as Griff Armstrong

Bill Dow as Ellwyn

Joy Coghill as Betsy

Stephen Dimopoulos as Dan Snow

Frank C. Turner as John Miller

Kristian Ayre as Gerald

Gregory Smith as Bobby

Ric Reid as Henry White

Duncan Fraser as Jack Adams

Gary Jones as Lance Tindall

Teryl Rothery as Jennifer File

Douglas Newell as Lou

Annette O'Toole as Voice of Adult Toni Whitney

Tory The Sea Lion as Andre the Seal

Kirk Jarrett as Stuntperson

Lauro Chartrand as Stuntperson

Marny Eng as Stuntperson

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