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The Andromeda Strain


Released 2008

Mikael Salomon = Director

Clara George = Producer

Mikael Salomon = Co-Executive Producer

Ron Binkowski = Co-Producer

Malcolm Reeve = Co-Producer

Ridley Scott = Executive Producer

Tony Scott = Executive Producer

Tom Thayer = Executive Producer

David W. Zucker = Executive Producer

Benjamin Bratt as Dr. Jeremy Stone

Eric McCormack as Jack Nash

Christa Miller as Dr. Angela Noyce

Daniel Dae Kim as Dr. Tsi Chou

Viola Davis as Dr. Charlene Barton

Justin Louis as Colonel James C. Ferrus

Barry Flatman as Charles 'Chuck' Beeter

Ted Whittall as President William J. Scott

Ted Atherton as Edward 'Ed' Dewitt

Tom McBeath as Kyle Tobler

Rick Schroder as Major Bill Keane MD

Andre Braugher as General George W. Mancheck

Jesse Moss as Jeff Megan

Magda Apanowicz as Suzie Travis

Kurt Max Runte as Sherriff Martin Willis

Kurt Evans as Lt. Roger Shawn

Panou as Lt. Lewis Crane

Anna Galvin as Lisa Stone

Michal Suchánek as Lance Stone

Jonathan Potts as Pat Terrence

Adrian Holmes as Sam Barton

Candus Churchhill as Sophie Derabond

Ava Salomon as Sarah Scott

Emily Holmes as Joanne Scott

Graeme Duffy as Wheezer

Daniel Bacon as Spokesperson

Fred Keating as Charles Henderson

Stacee Copeland as Henderson's Secretary

David Ross as Hank Benedict

Douglas O'Keeffe as Highway Patrol Officer & Blonde Man

Tom Butler as Colonel Scott Arnold

Nels Lennarson as George The Guard

Chris Bradford as Wildfire Comms

Biski Gugushe as Sgt. George

Matthew Smalley as Private Brooks

Aaron Junior Turner as Private Connors

Teach Grant as Morgue Attendant

Bart Anderson as Al Ritter

Denise Galik as Annie Dillon

Juan Carlos Velis as Roach Coach Driver

Donna Soares as Korean Nurse

Calvin Lee as Korean Major

Michale Ascher as Sally Conover

Nicola Anderson as Lt. Amy Deacon

Roman Podhora as General Blair

Cory Dagg as General Michaelson

Paul Perri as Dr. Gordo

Eve Harlow as Leila

Michael Teigen as Ocean Savior

Jacob Blair as Operative #1

Eric Breker as Operative #2

Shaine Jones as Sgt. Samuel 'Gunner' Wilson (uncredited)

Ian Thompson as Paramedic Ambulance Driver (uncredited)

Bruno Verdoni as Reporter (uncredited)

Brent Woolsley as Stuntperson

Alaine Chanoine as Stuntperson

Doug Chapman as Stuntperson

Laura Lee Connery as Stuntperson

Jim Finkbeiner as Stuntperson

Brent Connolly as Stuntperson

Kim Howey Burnett as Stuntperson

Alex Green as Stuntperson

Jon Kralt as Stuntperson

Lloyd Adams as Stuntperson

Duane Dickinson as Stuntperson

Ken Kirzinger as Stuntperson

Carol Jackson as Stuntperson

Yves Cameron as Stuntperson

Marshall Virtue as Stuntperson

Nick Allen as Stuntperson

Mike Desabrais as Stuntperson

Clay Virtue as Stuntperson

Rick Pierce as Stuntperson

Simon Burnett as Stuntperson

Guy Bews as Stuntperson

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