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Released 1998

Eric Darnell = Director

Tim Johnson = Director

Brad Lewis = Producer

Aron Warner = Producer

Patty Wooton = Producer

Penney Finkelman Cox = Executive Producer

Sandra Rabins = Executive Producer

Carl Rosendahl = Executive Producer

Woody Allen as Voice of Z

Dan Aykroyd as Voice of Chip

Anne Bancroft as Voice of Queen

Jane Curtin as Voice of Muffy

Danny Glover as Voice of Barbatus

Gene Hackman as Voice of General Mandible

Jennifer Lopez as Voice of Azteca

John Mahoney as Voices of Grebs, Drunk Scout & Additional Voices

Paul Mazursky as Voice of Psychologist

Grant Shaud as Voice of Foreman

Sylvester Stallone as Voice of Weaver

Sharon Stone as Voice of Princess Bala

Christopher Walken as Voice of Colonel Cutter

Jim Cummings as Additional Voices

April Winchell as Additional Voices

Jerry Sroka as Voice of Bartender & Additional Voices

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