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Any Which Way You Can


Released 1980

Buddy Van Horn = Director

Fritz Manes = Producer

Robert Daley = Executive Producer

Clint Eastwood as Philo Beddoe

Sondra Locke as Lynn Halsey-Taylor

Geoffrey Lewis as Orville Boggs

William Smith as Jack Wilson

Harry Guardino as James Beekman

Ruth Gordon as Senovia 'Ma' Boggs

Michael Cavanaugh as Patrick Scarfe

Barry Corbin as Fat Zack

Roy Jenson as Moody, Black Widow

Bill McKinney as Dallas, Black Widow

William O'Connell as Elmo, Black Widow

John Quade as Cholla, Black Widow Leader

Al Ruscio as Tony Rapoli Sr. aka Big Tony

Dan Vadis as Frank

Camila Ashland as Hattie

Dan Barrows as Hotel Baggage Man

Michael Brockman as Moustache Officer

Julie Brown as Candy

Glen Campbell as Self, Singer at Lion Dollar Cowboy Bar

Dick Christie as Jackson Officer

Rebecca Clemons as Buxom Bess

Reid Cruickshanks as Bald Headed Trucker

Michael Currie as Wyoming Officer

Gary Lee Davis as Husky Officer

Dick Durock as Joe Casey

Michael Fairman as CHP Captain

James Gammon as Palomino Bartender

Weston Gavin as Beekman's Butler

Lance Gordon as Biceps

Lynn Hallowell as Honey Bun

Peter Hobbs as Motel Clerk

Art LaFleur as Baggage Man #2

Ken Lerner as Tony Paoli Jr.

John McKinney as Officer

Robin Menken as Tall Woman

George Murdock as Sergeant Cooley

Jack Murdock as Little Melvin

Ann Nelson as Harriet

Sunshine Parker as Old Codger at Motel who flashed Clyde

Kent Perkins as Trucker

Anne Ramsey as Loretta Quince

Logan Ramsey as Luther Quince

Michael Reinbold as Officer with Glasses

Tessa Richarde as Sweet Sue

Jeremy Smith as Intern

Bill Sorrells as Bakersfield Officer

Jim Stafford as Long John

Michael Talbott as Officer Morgan

Mark L. Taylor as Desk Clerk

Jack Thibeau as Head Muscle

Charles Walker as Officer

Bobby Porter as Double

George Orrison as Double

Jerry Brutsche as Black Widow

Orwin C. Harvey as Black Widow

Larry Holt as Black Widow

John Nowak as Black Widow

Walter 'Walt' Robles as Black Widow

Mike Tillman as Black Widow

Johnny Richard Duncan as Singer at Bar

Fats Domino as Himself - Singer at Palomino Club (uncredited)

George Fisher as Bar Fighter (uncredited)

Donald Gibb as Henchmen (uncredited)

Chuck Hicks as Fight Spectator (uncredited)

Buddy Joe Hooker as Bar Fighter (uncredited)

Debby Porter as Trucker (uncredited)

Walter G. Zeri as Tough guy (uncredited)

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