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Are We Done Yet?


Released 2007

Steve Carr = Director

Matt Alvarez = Producer

Ice Cube = Producer

Todd Garner = Producer

Ted Hartley = Producer

Ronald G. Muhammad = Associate Producer

Kevin Cornish = Co-Producer

Steve Carr = Executive Producer

Derek Dauchy = Executive Producer

Neil A. Machlis = Executive Producer

Aaron Ray = Executive Producer

Heidi Santelli = Executive Producer

Ice Cube as Nick Persons

Nia Long as Suzanne Persons

John C. McGinley as Chuck Mitchell, Jr.

Aleisha Allen as Lindsey Persons

Philip Daniel Bolden as Kevin Persons

Jonathan Katz as Mr. Rooney

Linda Kash as Mrs. Rooney

Alexander Kalugin as Russian Contractor

Dan Joffre as Billy Pulu

Pedro Miguel Arce as Georgie Pulu

Tahj Mowry as Danny Pulu

Jacob Vargas as Mike the Plumber

Brenda Prieur as Grandma Pulu

Hayes MacArthur as Jimmy the Bartender

Colin Strange as Persons' Twins

Gavin Strange as Persons' Twins

Christopher 'Chris' Gauthier as Dancing Man

Tara Mercurio as Ellie Mitchel

Magic Johnson as Himself

Jase-Anthony Griffith as Stuntperson

Eric Reginald Brown as Stuntperson

Ieisha Auyeung as Stuntperson

Jeffrey C. Robinson as Stuntperson

Maya Macatumpag as Stuntperson

Nicholas Auyeung as Stuntperson

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