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Are We There Yet?


Released 2005

Brian Levant = Director

Dan Kolsrud = Producer

Ice Cube = Producer

Matt Alvarez = Producer

Todd Garner = Executive Producer

Derek Dauchy = Executive Producer

Ice Cube as Nick Persons

Nia Long as Suzanne Kingston

Aleisha Allen as Lindsey Kingston

Philip Daniel Bolden as Kevin Kingston

Jay Mohr as Marty

M. C. Gainey as Al

Tracy Morgan as Voice of Satchel Paige

Henry Simmons as Carl

Ray Galletti as Car Dealer

Viv Leacock as Nick's Pal on the Street

Casey Dubois as Shoplifter

J. B. McEown as Shoplifter

Kenyan Lewis as Basketball Player

Daniel Cudmore as Basketball Player

Timothy Paul Perez as Basketball Player

Adrian Holmes as Basketball Player

Nancy Robertson as Lady Airport Cop

Tony Ali as Airport Security Guard

Dee Jay Jackson as Airport Security Guard

Reynard Howard as Airport Screener

Alistair Abell as Train Conductor

Ann Warn Pegg as Woman in Bathroom

Frank C. Turner as Amish Man

Derek Lowe as Car Mechanic

Sean Millington as Frank Kingston

Shirane Haas as Frank's Wife

David MacKay as Drug Store Clerk

Esme Lambert as Grandmother at Kids' Party

Jerry Hardin as Pharmacist & Clown

Curtis Butchart as Hungry Kid at Party

C. Ernst Harth as Ernst

Denalda Williams as Suzanne's Co-Worker

Robert Manitopyes as Cop at Party

Nichelle Nichols as Miss Mable (special appearance)

Lee Jay Bamberry as Border Guard (uncredited)

John B. Destry as Train Hobo (uncredited)

Vicky Lambert as Ice Coach (uncredited)

Yeorgios Prontzos as Satchel Paige Puppeteer

David Barclay as Satchel Paige Puppeteer

Bruce Lanoil as Satchel Paige Puppeteer

Keith Woulard as Ice Cube Stunt Double

Trevor Addie as Stuntperson

Guy Bews as Stuntperson

Marny Eng as Stuntperson

Tom Glass as Stuntperson

Rob Hayter as Stuntperson

Ernie Jackson as Stuntperson

Ken Kirzinger as Stuntperson

Paul Lazenby as Stuntperson

Brad Loree as Stuntperson

Nolan Pharis as Stuntperson

Darryl Quon as Stuntperson

Hugo Steele as Stuntperson

Mike Vézina as Stuntperson

Clay Virtue as Stuntperson

Brent Woolsey as Stuntperson

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