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Army of Darkness


Released 1992

Sam Raimi = Director

Robert G. Tapert = Producer

Bruce Campbell = Co-Producer

Dino De Laurentiis = Executive Producer

Bruce Campbell as Ash

Embeth Davidtz as Sheila

Marcus Gilbert as Lord Arthur

Ian Abercrombie as Wiseman

Richard Grove as Duke Henry the Red

Michael Earl Reid as Gold Tooth

Timothy Patrick Quill as Blacksmith

Bridget Fonda as Linda

Patricia Tallman as Possessed Witch

Theodore Raimi as Cowardly Warrior, 2nd Support

Villager & S-mart Clerk

Deke Anderson as Tiny Ash #1

Bruce Thomas as Tiny Ash #2

Sara Shearer as Old Woman

Shiva Gordon as Pit Deadite #1

Billy Bryan as Pit Deadite #2

Nadine Grycan as Winged Deadite

Bill Moseley as Deadite Captain

Michael Kenney as Henry's Man

Andy Bale as Lieutenant #1

Robert Brent Lappin as Lieutenant #2

Rad Milo as Tower Guard

Brad Bradbury as Chief Archer

Sol Abrams as Fake Shemp

William Lustig as Fake Shemp

Lorraine Axeman as Fake Shemp

David O'Malley as Fake Shemp

Josh Becker as Fake Shemp

David Pollison as Fake Shemp

Sheri Burke as Fake Shemp

Ivan Raimi as Fake Shemp

Don Campbell as Fake Shemp

Bernard Rose as Fake Shemp

Charlie Campbell as Fake Shemp

Bill Vincent as Fake Shemp

Harley Cokeliss as Fake Shemp

Chris Webster as Fake Shemp

Ken Jepson as Fake Shemp

Ron Zwang as Fake Shemp

Angela Featherstone as Girl in S-Mart (uncredited)

Patricia Anne Isgate as Peasant Woman (uncredited)

Kevin O'Hara as Deadite (uncredited)

Courtney Pakiz as Deadite (uncredited)

Sam Raimi as Knight in Sweatshirt and Sneakers (uncredited)

Monique Yates Jr. as Graveyard Wench (uncredited)

Sandy Berumen as Stuntperson

Richard Blackwell as Stuntperson

Chuck Borden as Stuntperson

Eddie Braun as Stuntperson

George B. Colucci Jr. as Stuntperson

B. J. Davis as Stuntperson

Yannick Derrien as Stuntperson

Dick Hancock as Stuntperson

Bill Hart as Stuntperson

Donna Keegan as Stuntperson

Maria Kelly as Stuntperson

Steven Hal Lambert as Stuntperson

Lane Leavitt as Stuntperson

Gene Le Bell as Stuntperson

Ken Lesco as Stuntperson

Jack Lilley as Stuntperson

Dennis Madalone as Stuntperson

'Wild Bill' Mock as Stuntperson

Tom Morga as Stuntperson

Bruce Morgan as Stuntperson

Gary Morgan as Stuntperson

Keith Morrison as Stuntperson

John Nowak as Stuntperson

Janet Lee Orcutt as Stuntperson

Christian Page as Stuntperson

John Sistrunk as Stuntperson

Tim Trella as Stuntperson

Christopher J. Tuck as Stuntperson

Jack Verbois as Stuntperson

Brian John Williams as Stuntperson

Dana Fredswsti as Swordfighter

Bridget Hoffman as Swordfighter

Julianne Mazziotti as Swordfighter

Vaughn Roberts as Swordfighter

David C. Speaker as Swordfighter

Goeffrey Donne as Swordfighter

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