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Around the World in 80 Days


Released 2004

Frank Coraci = Director

Bill Badalato = Producer

Hal Lieberman = Producer

Stephen Barker = Associate Producer

Dallas Hartman = Associate Producer

Aimee Keen = Associate Producer

Alex Leung = Associate Producer

Jeff Geoffray = Co-Executive Producer

Walter Josten = Co-Executive Producer

Henning Molfenter = Co-Producer

Thierry Potok = Co-Producer

Phyllis Alia = Executive Producer

Jackie Chan = Executive Producer

Willie Chan = Executive Producer

Alex Schwartz = Executive Producer

Alexandra Schwartz = Executive Producer

Solon So = Executive Producer

Jackie Chan as Passepartout/Lau Xing

Steve Coogan as Phileas Fogg

Robert Fyfe as Jean Michel

Jim Broadbent as Lord Kelvin

Ian McNeice as Colonel Kitchener

David Ryall as Lord Salisbury

Roger Hammond as Lord Rhodes

Adam Godley as Mr. Sutton

Karen Mok (Joy Morris) as General Fang

Howard Cooper as Academy Member #1

Daniel Hinchcliffe as British Valet

Wolfram Teufel as Belgian Dignitary

Tom Strauss as Academy Member #2

Kit West as Academy Member #3

Ewen Bremner as Inspector Fix

Patrick Paroux as French Ticket Clerk

CÚcile De France as Monique La Roche

Perry Blake as Vincent van Gogh

MichaŰl Youn as Art Gallery Manager

Eva Ebner as Crazy Lady

Richard Branson as Balloon Man

Guillaume Siron as Toulouse-Lautrec

Macy Gray as Sleeping French Woman

Ben Posener as Angry Engineer

Michael Hoenher as Upset Brakeman

George Inci as Turkish Soldier

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Prince Hapi

Weeratham 'Norman' Wichairaksakui as Gurkha Policeman

Shivesh Ramchandani as Indian Boy

Sirinthorn Ramchandani as Indian Girl

Chris Watkins as British Officer

Kengo Watanabe as Chained Agent

Maggie Q (M. Quigley) as Female Agent

Yin Tze Pan (Poon Yin Chi) as Lau Xing's Mother

Yotaka Cheukaew as Little Jing

Sammo Hung Kam-Bo as Wong Fei Hung

Prasit Wongrakthai as Man Ting

Teerawat Mulvilai as Fourth Prisoner

Daniel Wu as Bak Mei

Jindarak Satjatepaporn as Village Policeman

Natalie Denise Sperl as Stunning Woman

Rob Schneider as San Francisco Hobo

Frank Coraci as Angry Dapper Pedestrian

Luke Wilson as Orville Wright

Owen Wilson as Wilbur Wright

John Keogh as Irish Policeman

Mark Addy as Steamer Captain

John Cleese as Grizzled Sergeant

Will Forte as Young Bobby

Phil Meheux as London Hobo

Roxanne Borski as Little Girl

Kathy Bates as Queen Victoria

Wah Chiu Ho as Tiger #3 - Snake

Wai Ho Yuen as Tiger #4 - Wu

Wai Luen Tuen as Tiger #5 - Lung

Ruei Che Chang as Tiger #6 - Yuen

David Choi Chao as Tiger #7 - Xing

Hu-Ma Yuan as Tiger #8 - Crazy Ti

Donald 'Don' (Theerathada) Tai as Tiger #9 - Ho

Tsu-Wei Yin as Tiger #10 - Yi Yi

Yui Wah Chang as Scorpion

Rided Lardpanna as Scorpion

Wai Leung Wong as Scorpion

Wai Chung Mak as Scorpion

Gaech Kampakdee as Scorpion

Tin Hung Yick as Scorpion

Anthony Caprio as Scorpion

Pradit Seelem as Scorpion

Tung So as Scorpion

Tat Kwong Chan as Scorpion

Nattapon Sapaswat as Scorpion

Chung Kit Li as Scorpion

Kwok WL Keung as Scorpion

Piboon Tailhuan as Scorpion

Haoer Yu as Scorpion

Kowit Saejoo as Scorpion

Yodying Singpraser as Scorpion

Somchart Kuan-agsorm as Scorpion

Fu Yu Zhang as Scorpion

Nan Zhang as Scorpion

Wing Fat Chiang as Scorpion

Korawin Pratumsiri as Scorpion

Wasin Praipan as Scorpion

Pichai Mitari as Scorpion

Witchapat Permsaptaweekcoon as Scorpion

Ken Lo as French Impersonator (uncredited)

Houi Kang Low as Stuntperson

Gang Wu as Stuntperson

Jun He as Stuntperson

Paul Andreovski as Stuntperson

Hyun Jin Park as Stuntperson

Guanhua Han as Stuntperson

In Seob lee as Stuntperson

Jeffrey Joseph Eigo as Stuntperson

Chun Hon as Stuntperson

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