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Arthur 2 and

The Revenge of Maltazard


Released 2009

Luc Besson = Director

Luc Besson = Producer

Emmanuel Prévost = Associate Producer

Stéphane Lecomte = Associate Producer

Ron Crawford as Archibald

Robert Stanton as Armand

Penny Balfour as Rose

Jean Bejote Njamba as Bogo Chief Matassalai

Valery Koko Kingue as Bogo

Abdou Djire as Bogo

Bienvenu Kindoki as Bogo

Laurent Mendy as Bogo

Ibrahimi Traore as Bogo

Aba Koita as Bogo

David Gasman as Mechanic & Voice of King

Alan Fairbairn as Pump Attendant

Mia Farrow as Grand Mother

Freddie Highmore as Voice of Arthur

Selena Gomez as Voice of Selenia

Lou Reed as Voice of Emperor Maltazard

Douglas Rand as Voice of Betameche & Clerk

Snoop Dogg as Voice of Max

Will I Am as Voice of Snow

Stacy Ferguson as Voice of Replay

Alan Wenger as Voices of Moho Cyclops & Da Vinci

Barbara Weber Scaft as Voice of Miss Pertanapple

Jerry Di Giacomo as Voices of Proscuitto & Guard

Paul Bandey as Voices of Miro & Unicorn Chief

Leslie Clack as Voice of The Ferryman

Christian Erickson as Additional Voice

Christine Flowers as Additional Voice

Matthew Geczy as Additional Voice

Matthew Gonder as Additional Voice

Alexis Kendrick as Additional Voice

Christian Merret-Palmair as Additional Voice

Jimmy Shuman as Additonal Voice

Jesse Jo Walsh as Additional Voice

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