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and the Invisibles

Released 2006

Luc Besson = Director

Luc Besson = Producer

Jérome de Baecque = Producer

Emmanuel Prévost = Producer

Stéphane Lecomte = Associate Producer

Freddie Highmore as Arthur

Mia Farrow as Granny

Ron Crawford as Archibald (voice: English version)

Penny Balfour as Arthur's Mother

Doug Rand as Arthur's Father

Adam LeFevre as Davido

Jean Bejote Njamba as Massai Chief

Saul Jephcott as Police Officer #1

Lee de Long as Saleslady

Christian Erickson as Antique Dealer

Eric Balliet as Mover #1

Oxmo Puccino as Mover #2

Robert William Bradford as Baliff

Jerry Di Giacomo as Repairman (voice: French version)

Bienvenue Kindoki as Matassalai #1

Valéry Koko Kingue as Matassalai #2

Aba Koïta as Matassalai #3

Vincent Mendy as Matassalai #4

Mathar Licka Gueye as Matassalai #5

Tonio Descanvelle as Police Officer #2 (voice: French version)

Madonna as Princess Selenia (voice: English version)

Snoop Dogg as Max (voice: English version)

David Bowie as Maltazard (voice: English version)

David Suchet as Narrator (voice: English version)

Robert Dauney as Arthur's Father

Ezra Knight as Chief Matassalai

Jimmy Fallon as Betameche (voice: English version)

Emilio Estevez as Ferryman (voice: English version)

Robert De Niro as King (voice: English version)

Harvey Keitel as Miro (voice: English version)

Rob Corddry as Seides (voice: English version)

Nathan 'Nate' Corddry as Seides (voice: English version)

Erik Per Sullivan as Baby Bug/Mino (voice: English version)

Chazz Palminteri as The Travel Agent (voice: English version)

Anthony Anderson as Koolomassai (voice: English version)

Jason Bateman as Darkos (voice: English version)

Allen Hoist as Easylow

Alain Bashung as Maltazard (voice: French version)

Stomy Bugsy as Koolomassaï (voice: French version)

Cartman as Bétamèche (voice: French version)

Sergio Castellitto as Le chef de gare (voice: French version)

Michel Duchaussoy as Archibald (voice: French version)

Mylène Farmer as Selenia (voice: French version)

Jacques Frantz as Le roi (voice: French version)

José Garcia as Davido (voice: French version)

Barbara Kelsch as Arthur (voice: French version)

Marc Lavoine as Darkos (voice: French version)

Valérie Lemercier as Arthur's mother (voice: French version)

Doudou Masta as Chef Massaï (voice: French version)

Dick Rivers as Le passeur (voice: French version)

Rohff as Max (voice: French version)

Jean-Paul Rouve as Arthur's father (voice: French version)

Barbara Scaff as Mino (voice: French version)

Frédérique Tirmont as Granny (voice: French version)

Isabelle Agid as Passer-by (uncredited)

Fanny Besson as Casher attendant (uncredited)

Serge Blumental as Electrician (uncredited)

Cut Killer as DJ Easy Low (uncredited)

Marc Libert as Passer-by (uncredited)

Stéphane Pacheff as Passer-by (uncredited)

Fannie Pailloux as Passer-by (uncredited)

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