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Released 1995

Richard Donner = Director

Richard Donner = Producer

Bruce A. Evans = Producer

Raynold Gideon = Producer

Andrew Lazar = Producer

Joel Silver = Producer

Jim Van Wyck = Producer

Julie Durk = Associate Producer

Karyn Fields = Associate Producer

J. Mills Goodloe = Associate Producer

Tony Munafo = Associate Producer

Cynthia L. Neber = Associate Producer

Ilyse A. Reutlinger = Associate Producer

Alexander B. Collett = Co-Producer

Dan Cracchiolo = Co-Producer

Richard Solomon = Co-Producer

Dino De Laurentiis = Executive Producer

Lauren Shuler Donner = Executive Producer

Sylvester Stallone as Robert Rath

Antonio Banderas as Miguel Bain

Julianne Moore as Electra

Anatoli (Anatoly) Davydov as Nicolai Tashlinkov

Muse Watson as Ketcham

Stephen 'Steve' Kahan as Alan Branch

Kelly Rowan as Jennifer, Electra's Neighbor

Reed Diamond as Bob

Kai Wulff as Remy

Kerry Skalsky as Buyer #2 with Remy

James Douglas Haskins as Buyer #3 with Remy

Stephen Liska as Cop #1

John Harms as Cop #2

Edward J. Rosen as Cemetery Caretaker

Christina Orchid as Dowager

Bruce R. Orchid as Cabbie #1

James Louis Oliver as Customs Officer

Sue Carolyn Wise as Obnoxious Woman in Elevator

Ron Ben Jarrett as Maintenance Man at Marriott Hotel

Marian Collier as Eugene & Danny's Pet Supply Lady

Dave Young as Male Guard

Ragna Sigrun as Female Guard

Mark Woodford as Room Service Waiter

Anibal O. Lleras as Cabbie

Marta Labatut as Cemetery Woman #1

Choco Orta as Cemetery Woman #2

Ivonne Piazza as Bank Teller

Ángel Vázquez as Bank Official

Axel Anderson as Bank President

David Dollase as Bodyguard

Jim Graham as Bodyguard

Wally Dalton as Priest

Paul Tuerpe as Reporter #1

John Procaccino as Reporter #2

Nerissa E. Williams as Reporter #3

Juan Manuel Lebrón as Puerto Rican Cafe Waiter

Eddie Bellaflores as Fruit Vendor

Thomas Helgeland as Soloist

James W. Gavin as Police Helicopter Pilot

Scott Stuber as Parking Attendant at Marriott Hotel

Richard Blum as Watcher

Michael DeCourcey as Cabbie #3

Whitey Shapiro as Cop #6

Stefan Enriquez as Cop #7

Fulvio Cecere as Cop #8

Shirley Oliver as Cop #9

Eric Sather as Cab Customer

Wally Gudgell as Upset Passenger

J. Mills Goodloe as Newlywed Man

Peter Sebastian Lackaff as Singer

John Lamar as Money Hungry Man

Ernie Hall as Cop #10

Calli Medved as Cop #11

Robert Sanders as Monorail Driver

Rhonda J. Osborne as Police Dispatcher

Christina Herrera as Pro Choice Woman

Cary Sanchez as Bank Receptionist

Frank R. Jimenez Jr. as Towel Boy

Jeff King as Helicopter Pilot #3

David 'Shark' Fralick as Buyer #4 with Remy

Bob Minor as Cop #3

Barbara Anne Klein as Cop #4

Pearl the Cat

Michael Taylor Donovan as Mariott Hotel Business Man (uncredited)

Heather L. Hatley as Single woman in pet store (uncredited)

Germán Legarreta as Kid in plaza (uncredited)

Erik L. Nelson as Building Engineer (uncredited)

Bruce Reutlinger as Cab Driver #2 (uncredited)

Rey-Phillip Santos as Monorail Passenger (uncredited)

Mark DeAlessandro as Utility Stuntperson

Henry Kingi Jr. as Utility Stuntperson

Bruce Barbour as Utility Stuntperson

Tricia Peters as Utility Stuntperson

Anthony Munafo as Utility Stuntperson

Dana Bertolette as Utility Stuntperson

Tim Chitwood as Utility Stuntperson

Rick Seaman as Utility Stuntperson

Joie Chitwood as Utility Stuntperson

Harry Wowchuk as Utility Stuntperson

Lori M. Van Der Veer as Utility Stuntperson

Jared S. Eddo as Utility Stuntperson

Ron Otis as Utility Stuntperson

Art Hickman as Utility Stuntperson

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