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August Rush


Released 2007

Kirsten Sheridan = Director

Richard Barton Lewis = Producer

Gabrielle Jerou = Associate Producer

Robert Greenhut = Executive Producer

Ralph Kamp = Executive Producer

Louise Goodsill = Executive Producer

Miky Lee = Executive Producer

Lionel Wigram = Executive Producer

Freddie Highmore as Evan Taylor, 'August Rush'

Keri Russell as Lyla Novacek

Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Louis Connelly

Terrence Howard as Richard Jeffries

Robin Williams as Maxwell 'Wizard' Wallace

William Sadler as Thomas Novacek

Marian Seldes as The Dean

Mykelti Williamson as Reverend James

Leon Thomas III as Arthur

Aaron Staton as Nick

Alex O'Loughlin as Marshall

Jamia Simone Nash as Hope

Ronald Guttman as Professor

Bonnie McKee as Lizzy

Michael Drayer as Mannix

Jamie O'Keeffe as Steve

Becki Newton as Jennifer

Tyler McGuckin as Peter

Megan Gallagher as Megan

Anais Martinez as Backbeat

Bilal Bishop as Roller Bull

Michael Roderick Hammonds III as Feedback

Timothy T. Mitchum as Joey

Henry Caplan as Bill

John Knox as Club Manager

Amy V. Dewhurst as Receptionist

Victor Verhaeghe as Cop

Darrie Lawrence as Old Neighbor

Sean Haberle as Frank

Jamal Joseph as Driver

Robert Aberdeen as Record Executive

Georgia Creighton as Apartment Owner

Joshua Jaymz Doss as Orphanage Kid

Craig Johnson as Orphanage Boy

Dominic Colon as Policeman

Zach Page as Child Guitar Player

Charles Mack as Gospel Soloist

Amma Agyapon as Gospel Singer

Adia Beckford as Gospel Singer

Dietrice A. Bolden as Gospel Singer

Dina Gardener as Gospel Singer

Luther Isler as Gospel Singer

Raymond Johnson as Gospel Singer

Joyce Walker Joseph as Gospel Singer

Willana Mack as Gospel Singer

Lamar Antwon Robinson as Gospel Singer

Talif Showers as Gospel Singer

Carlton Taylor as Gospel Singer

Yvette Bodrick as Street Sound Circle

Crystal A. Elliott as Street Sound Circle

Jindai Joseph as Street Sound Circle

Jacquelen Singleton as Street Sound Circle

Travis Veada as Street Sound Circle

Jasmine Pauline Wigfall as Street Sound Circle

Che Landon as Jane, Tutor (uncredited)

Paula Rittie as Julia (uncredited)

Paul Thornton as Alcoholic (uncredited)

Logan Anderson as Philharmonic Patron (uncredited)

Marc Alan Austen as Juilliard Board Member (uncredited)

John Farrer as Violinist (uncredited)

Tony Galtieri as Theatre Patron (uncredited)

Cathy Haase as First Clarinet (uncredited)

Gina Hernandez as Concert Fan (uncredited)

Emelie Jeffries as Philharmonic Violist (uncredited)

Hye-sun Koo as Orphanage Kid (uncredited)

Steven Krietzberg as Central Park Background (uncredited)

Bernadette Lords as New Yorker (uncredited)

Deirdre Lorenz as Meagan's Mom (uncredited)

Lisa Maris as Social Worker (uncredited)

Robert Myers as Music Lover (uncredited)

Greg Nutcher as Social Worker (uncredited)

Vincent James Russo as C.B.G.B's Rocker (uncredited)

Sybelle Silverphoenix as Philharmonic Audience Member (uncredited)

Jeremy Siracusa as Extra (uncredited)

Stream as NY Traveler (uncredited)

Lev Zhurbin as Gasping Violist in Orchestra (uncredited)

Chris Barnes as Stuntperson

John Cenatiempo as Stuntperson

Bob Colletti as Stuntperson

William Cote as Stuntperson

Douglas Crosby as Stuntperson

Stephen A. Pope as Stuntperson

Courtney Rains-Loo as Stuntperson

Tim Smith as Stuntperson

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