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Released 1995

Chris Noonan = Director

George Miller = Producer

Doug Mitchell = Producer

Bill Miller = Producer

Philip Hearnshaw = Associate Producer

Daphne Paris = Associate Producer

Catherine Barber = Associate Producer

Christine Cavanaugh as Voice of Babe

Miriam Margolyes as Voice of Fly

Danny Mann as Voice of Ferdinand

Hugo Weaving as Voice of Rex

Miriam Flynn as Voice of Maa

Russi Taylor as Voice of Duchess the Cat

Evelyn Krape as Voice of Old Ewe

Michael Edward-Stevens as Voice of Horse

Charles Bartlett as Voice of Cow

Paul Livingston as Voice of Rooster

Roscoe Lee Browne as Narrator

James Cromwell as Farmer Arthur H. Hoggett

Magda Szubanski as Esme Hoggett

Zoe Burton as The Hoggetts' Daughter

Paul Goddard as The Hoggetts' Son-in-Law

Wade Hayward as The Hoggets' Grandson

Brittany Byrnes as The Hoggetts' Granddaughter

Mary Acres as Valda

Janet Foye as Country Woman

Pamela Hawken as Country Woman

Karen Gough as Country Woman

David Webb as The Vet

Marshall Napier as Chairman of Judges

Hec Macmillan as Lion's Club Man

Ken Gregory as Lion's Club Man

Nicholas Lidstone as Sheep Rustler

Trevor Read as Electrical Linesman

Nicholas Blake as Electrical Linesman

Matthew Long as Sheepdog Trial Officer

John Doyle as TV Commentator

Mike Harris as TV Commentator

Mak Wilson as Performance Puppeteer

David Greenaway as Performance Puppeteer

Allan Trautman as Performance Puppeteer

Ian Tregoning as Performance Puppeteer

David Collins as Assistant Puppeteer

Janet Dalgliesh as Assistant Puppeteer

Terry Ryan as Assistant Puppeteer

Hugh Simpson as Assistant Puppeteer

Ross Bagley as Voice of Puppy

Gemini Barnett as Voice of Puppy

Rachel Davey as Voice of Puppy

Debi Derryberry as Voice of Puppy

Jazzmine (Raycole) Dillingham as Voice of Puppy

Courtland Mead as Voice of Puppy

Kevin Jamal Woods as Voice of Puppy

Jane Alden as Voice of Sheep

Kimberly Bailey as Voice of Sheep

Patrika Darbo as Voice of Sheep

Michelle Davison as Voice of Sheep

Julie Forsyth as Voice of Sheep

Maeve Germaine as Voice of Sheep

Rosanna Huffman as Voice of Sheep

Carlyle King as Voice of Sheep

Tina Lifford as Voice of Sheep

Gennie Nevinson as Voice of Sheep

Mary Linda Phillips as Voice of Sheep

Paige Pollack as Voice of Sheep

Kerry Walker as Voice of Sheep

Barbara Harris as Additional Voices

Jacqueline Brennan as Additional Voices

Doug Burch as Additional Voices

John Erwin as Additional Voices

Doris Grau as Additional Voices

Tony Hughes as Additional Voices

Linda Janssen as Additional Voices

Daamen J. Krall as Additional Voices

Charlie MacLean as Additional Voices

Justin Monjo as Additional Voices

Antonia Murphy as Additional Voices

Helen O'Connor as Additional Voices

Neil Ross as Additional Voices

Scott Vernon as Additional Voices

Karl Lewis Miller as Man Buying 3 Puppies (uncredited)

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