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The Babe


Released 1992

Arthur Hiller = Director

John Fusco = Producer

Erica Hiller = Associate Producer

Jim Van Wyck = Co-Producer

Bill Finnegan = Executive Producer

Walter Coblenz = Executive Producer

John Goodman as Babe Ruth

Kelly McGillis as Claire Ruth

Trini Alvarado as Helen Ruth

Bruce Boxleitbner as Jumpin' Joe Dugan

Peter Donat as Frazee

James Cromwell as Brother Mathias

J. C. Quinn as Jack Dunn

Joe Ragno as Huggins

Richard Tyson as Guy Bush

Ralph Marrero as Ping

Bob Swan as George Ruth Sr.

Bernard Kates as Colonel Rupert

Michael McGrady as Lou Gehrig

Stephen Caffrey as Johnny Sylvester (at 30)

Gene Ross as Brother Paul

Danny Goldring as Carrigan

Andy Voils as Young Jidge

Dylan Day as Johnny Sylvester (at 10)

Laura Whyte as Mrs. Ballister

James Andelin as Asa

Guy Barile as Torrio

Bernie Gigliotti as Capone

Michael Nicolosi as Jimmy Colosimmo

W. Earl Brown as Herb Pennock

Barbara Faye Wallace as Mrs. Pennock

Shannon Cochran as Flapper

Michael Papajohn as Heckler

Thom C. Simmons as Mc Kechnie

Gene Weygandt as Mr. Sylvester

Steve King as Fuchs

Matt Doherty as Boy in Car

Brendon DeMay as Boy in Car

Brendan Hutt as Boy at St. Mary's

Beep Iams as Boy at St. Mary's

Jeffrey Wiseman as Boy at St, Mary's

Rick Reardon as Ernie Shore

Randy Steinmeyer as Ty Cobb

Stevie Lee Richardson as Eddie the Bat Boy

Elizabeth Greenberg as Dorothy

Wayne Messmer as Yankee Announcer

Larry Cedar as Forbes Field Anhnouncer

John Webb as Eddie

Tanner King as Joey

Erika Baltodano as Shoeless Girl

Stavon Lovel Davis as Boy with Radio

Tom Guarnieri as Boy with Radio

Ken Gildin as Hot Dog Vendor

Alan Johnson as Orphanage Reporter

Michael Kendall as Jack Warhop

Harry Hutchinson as Tris Speaker

Michael Krawic as Theatre-Goer

Sonny Mann as Scoffer

Johanna McKay as Yankee Wife

Cory Grant as Inmate

Jim Ortlies as Scribe

Scott Haven as Scribe

James Deuter as Society Man

Ralph Foody as Pittsburgh Man

Meg Thalken as Johnny's Nurse

Ron West as Spectator

Irma P. Hall as Fanny Baily

Dana Lubotsky as Julia

Patrick Clear as Fedora

William J. Norris as Fedora

Ron Dean as Umpire Owens

Brett Hadley as Umpire #1

Ken Kells as Umpire #2

Jeff Still as Umpire #3

Hank Robinson as Umpire #4

Peter Siragusa as Umpire Hildebrand

Vern Hazard as 1st Baseman

Harris Kal as Pirates Catcher

Christopher Beacom as 2nd Baseman

Donakd Bagley as Barber Shop Quartet #1

Richard Kingdon as Barber Shop Quartet #2

Timothy McShane as Barber Shop Quartet #3

Chuck Sisson as Barber Shop Quartet #4

Mark Ingram as Member Speakeasy Band

Chuckie Anderson as Member Speakeasy Band

Tyrone Blair as Member Speakeasy Band

Thaddeus Expose as Member Speakeasy Band

Roger Harris as Member Speakeasy Band

Albert Smith as Member Speakeasy Band

Marysue Redmann as Mansion Harpist

Ari Brown as New Orleans Clarinetist

Joe Huppert as Ansonia Pianist

Steve Jensen as Member Bistro Band

Daniel Anderson as Member Bistro Band

William Findlay as Member Bistro Band

Michael Kocour as Member Bistro Band

Brian Naylor as Member Bistro Band

Russell Phillips as Member Bistro Band

Paul Wertico as Member Bistro Band

John S. Green as Verbal Spectator

Melody Rae as Verbal Spectator

Joan Elizabeth as Verbal Spectator

Kara Zediker as Redhead

Nicholas Rudall as Brother Malcolm

John T. Miltes as Brother Lewis

Tricia Munford as Jump's wife (Ida)

Alison Groh as 2 year old Dorothy

Jade Rodell Tipton as Baby Dorothy

Andrew Bendel as Radio Announcer

Patrick Nugent as Pittsburgh Announcer

James 'Ike' Eichling as Cigar Smoker

Shirley Spiegler-Jacobs as Woman in Coffee Shop

Roy Hytower as Elevator Operator

Amy Carlson as Girl on Stairs

Michael Chesler as Combs

Ron Marino as Combs II

Brooke Lint6hicum as Jump's Child

Randy Moll as Meusal

Nicholas Satriano as Lazzari

Ned Schmidtke as Hospital Reporter

Frank P.l Calzauara as Stunt Person

Stacy Logan as Stunt Person

James Fierro as Stunt Person

George Aguilar as Stunt Person

Mark Harper as Stunt Person

Lori Petitti as Stunt Person

Conoor LeFevour as Stunt Person

Rich Wilkie as Stunt Person

Matthew LeFevour as Stunt Person

Jeffrey Martin Williams as Stunt Person

Randy Popplewell as Stunt Person

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