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Released 1995

Simon Wells = Director

Steve Hickner = Producer

Rich Arons = Associate Producer

Kathleen Kennedy = Executive Producer

Bonne Radford = Executive Producer

Steven Spielberg = Executive Producer

Kevin Bacon as Voice of Balto

Bob Hoskins as Voice of Boris the Goose

Bridget Fonda as Voice of Jenna

Jim Cummings as Voice of Steele the Sled Dog

Phil Collins as Voices of Muk and Luk

Jack Angel as Voice of Nikki

Danny Mann as Voice of Kaltag

Robbie Rist as Voice of Star

Juliette Brewer as Voice of Rosy

Sandra Dickinson as Voices of Sylvie & Dixie

Miriam Margolyes as Voice of Grandma Rosy & Extra Voices

Lola Bates-Campbell as Voice of Granddaughter

Donald Sinden as Voice of Doc

William Roberts as Voice of Rosy's Father

Garrick Hagon as Voice of Telegraph Operator

Bill Bailey as Voice of Butcher

Big Al as Voice of Morse

Michael 'Mike' McShane as Extra Voices

Austin Tichenor as Extra Voices

Reed Martin as Extra Voices

Adam Long as Extra Voices

Jennifer Blanc as Voice (uncredited)

Jim Carter as Voice (uncredited)

Christine Cavanaugh as Voice (uncredited)

Michael Shannon as Voice (uncredited)

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