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Balto II

Wolf Quest


Released 2002

Phil Weinstein = Director

Phil Weinstein = Producer

David W. King = Associate Producer

Maurice LaMarche as Voice of Balto

Jodi Benson as Voice of Jenna

Lacey Chabert as Voice of Aleu

David Carradine as Voice of Nava the Wolf Shaman

Mark Hamill as Voice of Niju the Evil Wolf

Charles Fleischer as Voice of Boris

Peter MacNicol as Voice of Muru

Rob Paulsen as Voices of Terrier, Sumac & Wolverine 2

Nicolette Little as Voice of Dingo

Melanie Spore as Voice of Saba

Kevin Schon as Voices of Muc, Luc & Wolverine 1

Joe Alaskey as Voices of Hunter & Nuk

Monnae Michaell as Voice of Aniu

Mary Kay Bergman as Voices of Fox & Wolverine 3

Jeff Bennett as Voice of Yak

Molly Marlette as Voices of Young Girl & Puppy

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