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Balto III

Wings of Change


Released 2005

Phil Weinstein = Director

Phil Weinstein = Producer

David W. King = Associate Producer

Sean Astin as Voice of Kodi

Jodi Benson as Voice of Jenna

Keith Carradine as Voice of Duke

Bill Fagerbakke as Voices of Ralph & Mr. Conner

Charles Fleischer as Voices of Boris & White Mountain Postmaster

Charity James as Voice of Dusty

Maurice LaMarche as Voices of Balto, Moose 1 & Moose 2

Kathy Najimy as Voice of Dipsy

David Paymer as Voice of Mel

Kevin Schon as Voices of Muc, Luc & Simpson

Jean Smart as Voice of Stella

Carl Weathers as Voice of Kirby

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