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Released 1942

David D. Hand = Supervising Director

James Algar = Sequence Director

Bill Roberts = Sequence Director

Norman Wright = Sequence Director

Samuel Armstrong = Sequence Director

Paul Satterfield = Sequence Director

Graham Heid = Sequence Director

Walt Disney = Producer

Hardie Albright as Voice of Adolescent Bambi (uncredited)

Stan Alexander as Voice of Young Flower (uncredited)

Bobette Audrey as Additional Voices (uncredited)

Peter Behn as Voice of Young Thumper (uncredited)

Thelma Boardman as Voices of Mrs. Quail &

Pheasant (uncredited)

Janet Chapman as Additional Voices (uncredited)

Jeanne Christy as Additional Voices (uncredited)

Dolyn Bramston Cook as Additional Voices (uncredited)

Marion Darlington as Voice of Bird Sounds (uncredited)

Tim Davis as Voices of Adult Thumper &

Adolescent Flower (uncredited)

Donnie Dunagan as Voice of Young Bambi (uncredited)

Sam Edwards as Voice of Adult Thumper (uncredited)

Ann Gillis as Voice of Adult Faline (uncredited)

Otis Harlan as Voice of Mr. Mole (uncredited)

Eddie Holden as Voice of Chipmunk (uncredited)

Sterling Holloway as Voice of Adult Flower (uncredited)

Jack Horner as Additional Voices (uncredited)

Thelma Hubbard as Voices of Girl Bunny, Quail Mother &

Female Pheasant (uncredited)

Cammie King Conlon as Voice of Young Faline (uncredited)

Mary Lansing as Voices of Aunt Ena & Mrs. Possum (uncredited)

Margaret Lee as Voice of Thumper's Mother (uncredited)

Clarence Nash as Voice of Bullfrog (uncredited)

Babs Nelson as Additional Voices (uncredited)

Sandra Lee Richards as Additional Voices (uncredited)

Francesca Santoro as Additional Voices (uncredited)

Fred Shields as Voice of Great Prince Of The Forest (uncredited)

Bobby Stewart as Voice of Baby Bambi (uncredited)

John Sutherland as Voice of Adult Bambi (uncredited)

Paula Winslowe as Voice of Bambi's Mother & Pheasant (uncredited)

Elouise Wohlwend as Additional Voices (uncredited)

Will Wright as Voice of Friend Owl (uncredited)

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