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Bambi II


Released 2006

Brian Pimental = Director

Jim Ballantine = Producer

Dave Okey = Associate Producer

Patrick Stewart as Voice of The Great Prince

Alexander Gould as Voice of Bambi

Keith Ferguson as Voice of Friend Owl

Brendon Baerg as Voice of Thumper

Nicky Jones as Voice of Flower

Andrea Bowen as Voice of Faline

Anthony Ghannam as Voice of Ronno

Makenna Cowgill as Voice of Thumper's Sister

Emma Rose Lima as Voice of Thumper's Sister

Ariel Winter as Voice of Thumper's Sisters

Brian Pimental as Voices of Groundhog & Porcupine

Carolyn Hennesy as Voice of Bambi's Mother

Cree Summer as Voice of Mena

Mary Day as Additional Voices

Alexis Restrum as Additional Voices

George Shenusay as Additional Voices

Kath Soucie as Additional Voices

Jordan Del Spina as Additional Voices

Frank Welker as Additional Voices

David Cowgill as Loop Voice

Nicholas De Laurentis as Loop Voice

Harrison Fahn as Loop Voice

Jackie Gonneau as Loop Voice

Wendy Hoffmann as Loop Voice

Mary Mauser as Loop Voice

Mark Robert Myers as Loop Voice

Grace Rolek as Loop Voice

Jennessa Rose as Loop Voice

Jeremy Shada as Loop Voice

W. K. Stratton as Loop Voice

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