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Bandit : Bandit, Bandit


Released 1994

Hal Needham = Director

Ric Rondell = Producer

Alan P. Horowitz = Associate Producer

Hall Needham = Executive Producer

Chris Abbott = Executive Producer

Brian Bloom as Bandit

Brian Krause as Lynn

Richard Belzer as Big Bob Bentley

Gerard Christopher as Phony Bandit

Ami Dolenz as Lila

Larry Manetti as Currier

Mary Ann Mobley as Annie

Ronna Reeves as The Pilot

Gary Collins as Governor Denton

John Schneider as Sheriff Enright

Tom Nowicki as Tuttle

Greg Hohn as Sports Car Owner

Mimi Eisman as Glenda

Barnaby Carpenter as Dispatcher

George Nannarello as 1st Reporter (Vern)

James Martin Jr. as 2nd Reporter

Andrea Powell as Receptionist

Carl McIntyre as Deputy

Laura Robbins as Debi

Ron Shelley Reid as Officer

David Taylor Stokes as Concrete

Lee Spencer as Hank

Michael Genevie as Biker

Mike Harding as Chuck Pony

Elizabeth Grillo Barbeau as Ellen Wheeler

Buckley Norris as Assistant/Aide

Gordon Drake as Policeman

Mark Jeffrey Miller as Bum #1

Bob Hannah as Bum #2

D. L. Anderson as Dana

Dawn Sears as Singing Troubadour

Shawn King as Jailer

John B. Mangum as Engineer

Stan Barrett as Stunt Person

David Barrett as Stunt Person

Stanton Barrett as Stunt Person

Preston Barrett as Stunt Person

Mike Wallace as Stunt Person

Michael Brockman as Stunt Person

Richard Bostick, Jr. as Stunt Person

Jimmy Lynn Davis as Stunt Person

Jeff Hammond as Stunt Person

Elly Schneider as Stunt Person

Buddy Knotts as Stunt Person

Heath Culp as Stunt Person

Bob Spooner as Stunt Person

Bill Scharpf as Stunt Person

Rodger La Rue as Stunt Person

Lonnie Smith as Stunt Person

Elizabeth Simonini as Stunt Person

Robert Gary Ellis as Stunt Person

Andy Martin as Stunt Person

Don Lykins as Aerial Stunt Person

Bill Lykins as Aerial Stunt Person

Cress Horne as Aerial Stunt Person

Terry Fisher as Aerial Stunt Person

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