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Bandit : Bandit and the Beauty


Released 1994

Hal Needham = Director

Ric Rondell = Producer

Alan P. Horowitz = Associate Producer

Hall Needham = Executive Producer

Chris Abbott = Executive Producer

Brian Bloom as Bandit

Brian Krause as Lynn

Henry Cho as the Clerk

Joe Cortese as Slade

Tony Curtis as Lucky Bergstrom

Kathy Ireland as Crystal

Mark Joy as Agent Thatcher

Rick Warner as Brad

Tiffany Cara as Bunny

Norman 'Max' Maxwell as Arnold

Veronicas Neal as Tammy

Paul Mixon as Joey

Sal Ruffino as Thug #1

Wallace Merck as Deputy Ferebee

Alex Van as Deputy Tate

Joe Inscoe as Stanley

Michael W. Helms as Hound Dog

Helen Baldwin as Sister Kathleen

Joyce Bowden as Sister Angela

Deborah Dismukes as Sister Theresa

Rick Marshall as Thug #2

Ned Jarrett as Himself

Benny Parsons as Himself

Hadley Eure as Loretta

Michele Moore as Miss Coca Cola

Robert Treveiler as FBI Agent

Patt Noday as TV Reporter

Bob Tyson as Newscaster

Jerry Rushing as Uncle Jim

Lucy Alpaugh as Aunt Sara

Dawn Sears as Singing Troubadour

J. Patrick Miller as Butterball

Karl Soderlund as Rayne

Melissa Eberhardt as Motel Employee

Carrol M. Edwards as Trucker Edwards

G. W. Horne as Trucker Horne

David Northey as Benny

Don Tilley as Freddy Bartender

John Keenan as Harvey

Lindsay Dickon as Young Girl

Don Lykins as Airplane Pilot & Stunt Person

Cress Horne as Helicopter Pilot & Stunt Person

George Hasty as Attendant

Mark Rogers as Trucker

Stan Barrett as Stunt Person

David Barrett as Stunt Person

Wayne Schmitz as Stunt Person

Stanton Barrett as Stunt Person

Buddy Knotts as Stunt Person

Jimmy Lynn Davis as Stunt Person

Robert Gary Ellis as Stunt Person

Robin Dallenbach as Stunt Person

Mike Brockman as Stunt Person

Rodney Combs as Stunt Person

Michael Kevin Douglas as Stunt Person

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