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The Bank Job


Released 2008

Roger Donaldson = Director

Steven Chasman = Producer

Charles Roven = Producer

Aaron Shuster = Associate Producer

Mairi Bett = Co-Producer

David Alper = Executive Producer

Scott Fischer = Executive Producer

Alex Gartner = Executive Producer

Alan G. Glazer = Executive Producer

Gary Hamilton = Executive Producer

Ryan Kavanaugh = Executive Producer

Christopher Mapp = Executive Producer

George McIndoe = Executive Producer

Matthew Street = Executive Producer

David Whealy = Executive Producer

Jason Statham as Terry Leather

Saffron Burrows as Martine Love

Stephen Campbell Moore as Kevin Swain

Daniel Mays as Dave Shilling

James Faulkner as Guy Singer

Alki David as Bambas

Michael Jibson as Eddie Burton

Georgia Taylor as Ingrid Burton

Richard Lintern as Tim Everett

Peter Bowles as Miles Urquart

Alistair Petrie as Philip Lisle

Hattie Morahan as Gale Benson

Julian Lewis Jones as Snow

Andrew Brooke as Quinn

Rupert Frazer as Lord Drysdale

Christopher Owen as Mountbatten

Keeley Hawes as Wendy Leather

Taelor Samways as Catherine Leather

Kasey Baterip as Julie Leather

Don Gallagher as Gerald Pyke

Craig Fairbrass as Nick Barton

Gerard Horan as Roy Given

Robert Whitelock as Alfie Hook

David Suchet as Lew Vogel

Peter De Jersey as Michael X - Michael Abdul Malik

Johann Myers as Stanley 'The Knife' Abbot

Colin Salmon as Hakim Jamal

Sharon Maughan as Sonia Bern

Ray Nicholas as Vogel's Driver

Les Kenny-Green as Pinky

Jamie Kenna as Perky

Angus Wright as Eric Addey - Ham Radio Operator

Mark Phoenix as Mr Brown

James Hall as Customs Agent

Cameron Anderson as Young Soldier

Julian Firth as Lawyer

Norma Dixit as Customs Matron

Antony Gabriel as Reporter

Rupert Vansittart as Sir Leonard Plugge

Bronson Webb as Chicken Inn Waiter

Omar Mostafa as Chicken Inn Cook

Dylan Charles as Chicken Inn Customer

Michael Haughey as Bank Manager

Ray Trickett as Beat Policeman

Steve Gibbs as Newspaper Hawker

Ursula Mohan as Dave's Mum

Alan Swoffer as John Lennon

Louise Chambers as The Princess

Bonnie Simon as Island Woman

Dimitri Pappadopoullos as Island Man

Dai Smith as Wedding Band (as The Storys)

Alan Thomas as Wedding Band (as The Storys)

Brian Thomas as Wedding Band (as The Storys)

Rob Thompson as Wedding Band (as The Storys)

Andy Collins as Wedding Band (as The Storys)

Steve Balsamo as Wedding Band (as The Storys)

Debbie Attwell as Wedding Guest (uncredited)

James Fiddy as Strip Club Punter (uncredited)

Kas Graham as Playboy Club Punter (uncredited)

Mick Jagger as Bank Employee - Safe Deposit (uncredited)

John Warman as C.I.D. Officer (uncredited)

Chris Wilson as CID Officer (uncredited)

Peter Pedrero as Stuntperson

Nick Chopping as Stuntperson

Mike Lambert as Stuntperson

Jo Whitney as Stuntperson

Daniel Naprous as Stuntperson

Ray Nicholas as Stuntperson

James O'Dee as Stuntperson

Sarah Franzl as Stunt Driver

Russell Macleod as Stunt Driver

Rick English as Stunt Driver

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