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Queen of the Galaxy


Released 1968

Roger Vadim = Director

Dino De Laurentiis = Producer

Jane Fonda as Barbarella

John Phillip Law as Pygar

Anita Pallenberg as The Great Tyrant

Milo O'Shea as Concierge/Durand-Durand

Marcel Marceau as Professor Ping

Claude Dauphin as President of Earth

Véronique Vendell as Captain Moon

Giancarlo Cobelli as

Serge Marquand as Captain Sun

Nino Musco as

Franco Gulà as

Catherine Chevallier as Stomoxys

Marie Therese Chevallier as Glossina

Umberto Di Grazia as

David Hemmings as Dildano

Ugo Tognazzi as Mark Hand

Honey Autumn as Bald handmaiden at Sogovian court (uncredited)

Loriana Bartella as (uncredited)

Marina Bartella as (uncredited)

Diane Bond as (uncredited)

Carla Cassola as (uncredited)

Tania de Paolis as (uncredited)

Sadre Girodani as (uncredited)

Gara Granda as Girl (uncredited)

Joan Greenwood as The Great Tyrant (voice) (uncredited)

Beatrice Lanscat as (uncredited)

Katiuska Lanvin as (uncredited)

Janet McLeod as Girl in Sogo (uncredited)

Gabriella Morganti as (uncredited)

María Teresa Orsini as Suicide Girl (uncredited)

Talitha Pol as Pipe-smoking girl (uncredited)

Fred Robsahm as Dildanos assistant (uncredited)

Antonio Sabato as Jean-Paul (uncredited)

Kitty Swan as Girl in Sogo (uncredited)

Silvana Venturelli as (uncredited)

Barbara Winer as (uncredited)

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